Jul 20, 2018 (06:00 PM) - Jul 22, 2018 (08:00 PM)
July, 4 2018


Venue: Palo Alto College Natatorium 1400 W. Villaret Blvd San Antonio, TX 78224 210-486-3000

Eligibility: This meet is open to all swimmers through age 18 who are currently registered with South Texas Swimming, and who have achieved the STSI Jr. STAGS qualifying time standards (USA Swimming time slower than the STSI STAGS Time Standards; see attached time standards).

Qualifying Times: The qualifying time standards for all individual events are slower than STSI STAGS Time Standards. Swimmers may not enter any event in which they have achieved the 2017-2018 STSI STAGS Time Standard or faster in any course. In addition, they cannot swim that stroke and distance on any relay team. There are no qualifying times for relay events. Qualifying times must be achieved prior to the first or second entry deadlines. NT entries will not be accepted. If entering with a non-conforming time (SCY or SCM), the swimmer must enter with the time achieved in the non-conforming course. Converted entry times will not be accepted. Seeding for events shall be in the following order: long course meters, short course meters, short course yards (LSY). Swimmers with short course meters or short course yards times will be seeded last.

Proof of Time: Proof of time must be submitted with the entries. All entry times must be verifiable using the USA-S SWIMS database. In cases where a claimed time does not appear in SWIMS due to a clerical or posting error, a copy of the official meet results, signed by the Meet Referee, will be an acceptable proof of time. Times used to enter a meet must have been achieved in a USA-S Sanctioned, Approved, or Observed meet. All proofs of times are the responsibility of the entering teams, not the meet host. Entries without an acceptable proof of time will not be accepted.