NCAC Tarheel States At UNC-CH

Jul 27, 2018 (03:00 AM) - Jul 29, 2018 (03:00 AM)
July, 15 2018
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Updates from the Meet Director:

Coaches -

Thank you all for your patience in awaiting the timeline and psych sheets.  We have received everyone's final updates and have all of the pertinent information you need for yourselves and your families.  

First, NCAC is incredibly excited to host you at our 2018 LC Tar Heel States Meet - it's going to be a packed meet with over 675 athletes and it should make for some great competition and an exciting end to the summer for all of us!  Please find attached to this email the warm-up assignments, psych sheet, timeline, and parking map.

A few notes on the weekend - please pass the appropriate information on to your families:

Regarding the parking map - spots highlighted in orange are available for parking all weekend.  The purple highlighted parking area, marked "Sat-Sun Only", should not be used on Friday.  PLEASE make sure this is communicated to your families - it will save us all from having to do with the hassle that comes from dealing with parking issues and upset parents - as long as they follow the map, they should be good.

Officials - if anyone has officials who would like to work the meet, please have them contact  Ronnie Roach.

Volunteers - as mentioned, this is an incredibly packed meet.  If you are able to provide any help whatsoever with providing timers, it is needed and will be much appreciated!

Heat sheets will be sold for $15.00.  They will include all three preliminary sessions, plus all three afternoon sessions.  Finals heat sheets will be included in that cost, but must bring in their coupon, which will be included with the weekend heat sheet.  Otherwise, it will be $2.00 for each finals session heat sheet.

Also, PLEASE REVIEW the psych sheet and make sure any changes you made to your entries are reflected in the psych sheet.

In terms of chase starts,  please make sure your 12 & Under coaches are working with your athletes to ensure they understand what the situation is and where they need to be  - ODD HEATS - scoreboard end, EVEN HEATS - diving end.   We DO NOT need chase starts for all sessions, so this is what the break down will look like for chase versus non-chase:

FRI 13 & O AM - NO Chase
FRI 12 & U PM - NO Chase

Sat 13 & O AM - CHASE
Sat 12 & U PM - CHASE

Sun 13 & O AM - NO Chase
Sun 12 & U PM - CHASE


Please note than ALL 50's will start from the scoreboard end.
Finals sessions will be conducted with all athletes starting from the scoreboard end.

Lastly, finals sessions will need to be moved back 15 minutes later than posted in the meet info packet.   Finals each night will start at the following times:

Fri -   5:15 PM warm-ups, 6:15 PM start time
Sat -  5:15 PM warm-ups, 6:15 PM start time
Sun - 4:30 PM warm-ups, 5:30 PM start time

Again, we look forward to having you and are excited for the competition.


Final Long Course Season Meet of the summer for all YR swimmers!  Great meet for all levels. This will be our last meet for most swimmers before our August break.