Long Course Nationals Trip Sign Up

Jul 30, 2018 - Aug 3, 2018
June 30, 2018



Long Course YMCA Nationals Trip information:

At this time, we have approx. 18 swimmers attending. .

We have made some cost projections for the meet to ensure that we will meet our costs.

The bus costs approximately $7200, and we rent a vehicle for the week.  We also pay for parking, fuel for the rental, and a tip for the driver of the bus.  We are also expected to provide a hotel accommodation for the driver.  This will cost about $400 per swimmer for transportation.

Our food costs per swimmer will be approx. $430 per swimmer.  The Marriott will be catering most of our breakfast and dinner meals, which allows us to ensure that the swimmers are maintaining proper nutrition throughout the week.  Lunch will be a take-out/catering option.   If you have any particular dietary needs, please let Coach Lou know so that we can adjust the menu for your swimmer.

The projected cost of the meet for this year has been determined to be $830-880.  We will be billing the family accounts in the amount of $400 on July 1, and $300 on Aug 1.  We need to bill before the event to cover the upfront costs that we incur for the bus and deposits for the catering.  In the event of an injury or serious illness that precludes your swimmer from participating in the meet, a refund is available.  If/when we have additional swimmers qualify for the meet, the cost for the meet will be dispersed.  Any difference between the projected cost and the actual cost will be reflected in the billing cycle following the meet.  Swimmer families will only pay actual costs for the trip.

Each swimmer who qualifies, and attends the meet, will receives one tech suit from Speedo to be worn during the competition.  This suit is to be used for both the SC and the LC championship meets as we are only able to provide one suit per year.  First time qualifiers will receive a suit.  (SC National swimmers have their suit) Coach Lou will be contacting the swimmers for their preferred style and size.


We will be traveling as a team leaving the YMCA by bus Monday July 30th in the morning and returning Friday Aug 3rd after the meet.  The meet is Monday evening through Friday.

  • A parent or designated guardian is required to travel with each athlete and be responsible for him/her during non-competition/practice/and other non-team activity times. 
  • After the team meal/meeting at night and prior to team breakfast.
  • In between prelims/finals at hotel
  • Swimmers must attend all team meetings/functions.

Hotel reservations at the Greenbelt Marriott