Manorlu Mega Distance Meet

July 15, 2018
July 7, 2018


This meet is open to all UDAC athletes not entering through their summer club team.

Manorlu Megaducks will be hosting the fourth annual Megadistance Mid-Distance Invitational on Sunday, July 15th. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for our athletes to swim their events in distances slightly longer than some may be accustomed.  The entrance fee is $5 per event, however, WE WILL BE COLLECTING THE FEES AT THE DOOR!!! You don't need to worry about collecting any money. Deck entries will be permitted if space is available.
Time - 8 and 10 and under 7:00AM warmup, 12 and older 7:20 warmup, sprint lanes 7:40, meet start time 8:00
Location - Manorlu Swim Club, 850 Twining Road, Dresher
Questions? Please email Kate at