Monster Swim Fundraiser

Jul 13, 2018 (11:00 AM) - Jul 13, 2018 (01:00 PM)
July, 13 2018



Swim the challenge of the year at the Annual Monster Swim Fundraiser. The clock will role as orcas test their endurance while swimming hard and fast to make set intervals! Each swimmer will attempt to swim their selected yards TWENTY-FIVE times on a ONEMINUTE interval. The clock will run continuously. Once you miss the interval, your challenge will be completed. Grab your towel and cheer on your fellow Orcas! There will be snacks to help you refuel!

When: Time: 8 & under: 9-10AM / 9 & older: 10-11AM

Date: Friday July 13

Please Choose an Interval that best suits your Orca. (recommended for 5-7 years) ____ 25 yards X 25 (recommended for 8 - 10 year) ____ 50 yards X 25 (recommended for 11-13 years) ____ 75 yards X 25 NAME: _________________________ AGE: ________ Raising Money for your Team:

1. Have friends or family members support your challenge by pledging an amount per completed interval. Recommended amount is $.50 per completed interval. 2. Make an entry donation. Any amount is appreciated. What are we raising money for? Each year, Naperville swim teams are requested to raise $300 to be given to the swim conference for a designated charity. All funds up to this amount will pay our Naperville Conference charity fee. Any additional funds will be used towards team events. When is the raised money or donations due? Please bring and turn in your money to Coach Heather anytime up to the practice following the event.