TXLA 11&Over Fall Kick Off

Oct 20, 2018 - Oct 21, 2018
October, 4 2018
Coaches,Gold (CP),Gold (LCCC),Gold (LW),National (CP),National (LCCC),National (LW),PE Waiver (LW),Silver 1 (CP)--6 Days,Silver 2 (CP)--4 Days MWFS,Silver 3 (CP)--4 Days TTFS,Silver (LCCC),Silver (LW) (Cedar Park,Lakeway Swim Center,Lost Creek Country Club)


Due to a college meet going on this same weekend, there are no events at this meet on Friday, there are no 50s offered at this meet, 11-12s and 13&olders swim combined (no separate sessions by age), and the meet starts at 2:00pm on Saturday and at 9:00am on Sunday.

This meet is open to swimmers ages 11 years and older as of October 20, 2018. 

There are no qualifying times at this meet for 100-yard events. There are "B" qualifying times for events 200 yards and longer. (Click here for qualifying times by age, gender, and course. Short course yards times are on page 2.) Swimmers will be entered using short course yards times. Deck entries will not be accepted at this meet. Swimmers can enter up to three events per day and up to five total events for the meet. If you are not sure if your child is ready to compete, or which events to enter, please contact your child’s coach.

To sign up, click the Attend/Decline button (upper-right corner of this page), log in, click the swimmer name, use the Declaration drop-down menu to let us know that you'll be there, and then click the check boxes for the events to enter (if you don't select any events, your coach will enter events for your child). Click the SAVE CHANGES button or your entries will be lost. The system will email an entry confirmation to you. If you don’t receive this confirmation, then you are not signed up!

The LCA meet entry deadline is Thursday, October 4. Late entries will not be accepted.

Cost is $9.75 per event, plus the $2 UT swimmer facility surcharge and the $15 LCA athlete surcharge. All meet charges will be billed to the credit card on file in your LCA account on the meet entry deadline. After the LCA meet entry deadline, all meet charges are nonrefundable, even if you withdraw from the meet or fail to swim. 

There are no separate sessions for swimmers by age at this meet. Warmups start at approximately 1:00pm on Saturday (meet starts 2:00pm) for all swimmers (exact time pending after the conclusion of a college meet that morning). Warmups start at 9:00am (meet starts at 10:00am) on Sunday for all swimmers.   

Please read the "Meet Information" file posted below for additional details about the meet, including the event order, start and warmup times, etc.