New Parent Meeting

Aug 25, 2018 (09:00 AM) - Aug 25, 2018 (10:00 AM)
August 25, 2018
BLU, Intro to HSA Friday (3:45-4:30), Intro to HSA M & W (3:30-4:00), Intro to HSA M & W (4:00-4:30), Intro to HSA M & W (4:30-5:00), Intro to HSA T & Th (3:30-4:00), Intro to HSA T&Th (4:00-4:30), Intro to HSA T&Th (4:30-5:00), JD 1, JD 2, JR, Red I , Red II, SD, SR, Swim For Success, WHT


The meeting is open to all HSA parents, but is specificially geared to new members.  Head Coach, Matt Webber, and Team Administrator, Lori Daniel, will be discussing Financial Policies, Group Structure, Swim Meet participation/volunteering/registration/etc., Equipment Needs, and a host of other topics.  The HSA Parent Handbook is recommended reading prior to the meeting.  It can be found here.