YOTA Swim Team Weekend at Camp

Sep 15, 2018 (08:00 AM) - Sep 16, 2018 (03:00 PM)
September, 7 2018



YOTA Family,

We are tremendously excited about the opportunity that we are blessed with to have a family weekend at Camp Sea Gull this year. This should be an extremely fun weekend for everyone involved and a great way to get our 2018-2019 season started.

For those unaware, Camp Sea Gull is a full-service camp located on the coast of Eastern North Carolina (Arapahoe, NC). It's a huge camp with dozens of cabins, great food, and a ton of fun activities. Whether you want to fish, play a round of golf, canoe, use the zip lines, shoot some hoops, or go for a swim in the lake, Camp Sea Gull has it all! Recently, an 8 lane pool was added to camp. Last year, our senior program had a successful and memorable Leadership Retreat at Sea Gull. This year, we are inviting all YOTA athletes and their family to this fun weekend at camp. See the attached informational packet that should answer all of your questions about this team activity.

All athletes, from Green to Platinum, are encouraged to come. Masters athletes are encouraged to join us, too. Parents, this is a great way to make some new YOTA friends and have fun with the YOTA families that you already know. We have a schedule that will allow for teenagers to hang out with their family if they'd like, or they can have fun together without their parents, too.

Please let your coach know if you have any questions about this camp. Again, hopefully all of your questions are answered in the attached information packet.