November Age Group Invite

Nov 17, 2018 - Nov 18, 2018
November, 4 2018


Each swimmer may enter up to a maximum of six (6) individual events over the course of the meet but no more than four (4) individual events on any one day. Each swimmer may enter one relay per day. Entries exceeding this limit will be scratched without notification, and entry fees for entry count limitation scratches will not be refunded.

With the exception of bonus events and times qualifying under PNS AD 02-01, swimmers must have achieved the current PNS "Gold" time standard for their current age in USA Swimming sanctioned, approved or observed competition in each individual event entered.

Swimmers entered in at least one (1) qualifying individual event may also enter one (1) bonus event on the same day, subject to the daily and meet maximum entries listed above.

A bonus event may be entered as “NT” (no time) if the swimmer has not competed in the event during the qualification period.