Washington Open

Jan 18, 2019 - Jan 20, 2019
January, 6 2019
National,Prep,Senior,Senior Performance ([* ALL Locations *])


There is no entry limit, but each swimmer may not compete in more than three (3) individual events per day plus relays.Swimmers who compete in more than three individual events onany given day will be disqualified from all individual events following their third daily individual event. A swimmer declaring a false start (DFS) for an event will be considered as having competed in that event.

Swimmers entered in at least one individual event with aqualifying time may enter up to two (2) additional events 200 Y or shorter as bonus events, subject to the entry and splash limits stated above.

For example:
1.Qualify in 1=swim up to 3
2.Qualify in 2=swim up to 4
3.Qualify in 3=swim up to 5

All bonus events must be 200Y or shorter. Events 400Y or longer may not be entered as bonus events and any such entry fees will not be refunded.

No deck entries will be permitted