2019 Mid States 14 & Under Championship

Jan 4, 2019 - Jan 6, 2019
December, 10 2018



Sponsored by Speedo

IU Natatorium - Indianapolis

January 5 - 6, 2019 

Swimmer must USA Swimming member, achieeved USA Swimming Qualifying times, then submit application to be selected to Team Ohio

The application process for the 2019 team has changed slighlty this year.  We hope that the streamlined process will be more user friendly. 



1.     Applicant Requirements:

·         All swimmers must be 14 or younger as of the first day of the meet (January 5, 2019).

·         Swimmers must be currently registered as year-round members of USA Swimming.

·         Applicants' times must be achieved during the qualifying period of September 1, 2018 to December 10, 2018.  

·         All times submitted must be in the USA Swimming SWIMS database in order to be considered.  It is the responsibility of the swimmer or the swimmer’s coach or team to ensure that all times have been processed into the SWIMS database for meets during the qualifying period.  Times not in the SWIMS database will not be considered. 

2.     The deadline for consideration for the 2019 Ohio Mid-States 14 & Under Championship team is Monday December 10, 2018 at 5:00 PM.  The deadline is firm and no exceptions will be made.  The following items need to be completed via the Team Ohio Mid-States Team Unify website by the application deadline:

·         Register your athlete(s) using the Green “2019 Team Application” button located on the home page.

·         Provide emergency medical information.

·         Electronically Agree to the Code of Conduct form.

·         Pay the $10 refundable application fee using a credit or debit card. The application fee will be applied towards the total cost of $130 for members selected for the 2019 team.  All other application fees will be refunded.  Authorization of payment via the Team Ohio Team Unify website will be required as the confirmation of acceptance of all selected applicants.

·         You will receive a confirmation of your registration by e-mail.

·         Then "Commit" your athlete(s) to the all events for which he or she would like to be considered.  This is done at the “Events” tab located in the tool bar.


3.     At the registration deadline for applications, all application entry times will be verified.  Times that conform to the qualifying criteria will be marked as “approved” on the Team Ohio Team Unify website.  A final list of all accepted “approved” times will be published by Thursday December 13, 2018.  Only those times posted as "approved" will be considered for the 2019 team.  Applicants are encouraged to submit applications before the deadline.  Applicants will be able to update times up until the entry deadline.

4.     Once the final list of “approved” applicant times is published, the team selection process will be completed according to the posted selection criteria.  Invitations to selected applicants will be emailed by Monday December 17, 2018.  

5.     Acceptance replies, including confirmation of payment, must be received no later than Thursday December 20, 2018 at 6:00 P.M.   Any incomplete applications or unpaid registrations will be closed out, and alternate applicants will be invited to replace closed out invitees.  Those that successfully complete the registration process will receive an email confirmation.

6.    It is the responsibility of the swimmer to provide his/her own transportation and hotel arrangements.


Questions or concerns about the 2019 Ohio Mid-States 14 & Under Championship Team should be directed to the Team Ohio Chair, Bill Bare (Email: or phone (440) 622-2246