Al Minn Invitational- HOSTED BY AULEA

Sep 28, 2019 (08:30 AM) - Sep 29, 2019 (04:30 PM)
September, 23 2019


 Parking will be VERY TIGHT on Saturday at the swim meet.  Please park at Kailua Elementary School although be aware that you are not allowed to park on the grass there.  There is NO PARKING at the library and as in years past they will tow if someone parks there.  You may park anywhere on the park grounds but there will be lots of other events (particularly in the afternoon) so that is why we are urging to check the elementary school first.

On Sunday, we will also have access to the elementary school parking lot.
Also, please note that there will be a different scoreboard configuration.  The scoreboard will be on the opposite side of the pool.  Because of this, we are asking people to sit up in the bleachers if they want to be able to see the scoreboard.  There are no tents allowed on deck for team space.
On a final note, thanks for attending our meet.  We look forward to a GREAT competition for the kids and we will have plenty of concessions availabe so you won't need to go anywhere should you need food or drinks.
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