Marie DeHoog Meet

Oct 19, 2018 - Oct 21, 2018
October, 1 2018


Meet information is attached. All TEAM Swimmers are welcome to participate in this meet. It's a super fun local meet.  


Marie DeHoog Participating Teams and Swimmers,

Morning warm ups for most teams will go for a full hour from 8-9am.
Doors to the facility will be open at 7 am for deck set up.
Please remember there will be many teams and deck space will be limited, please be respectful and limit your space to ensure that all teams have a space.
The Meet Start will start at 9:15am.
Meet Officials and MOST teams (RRSC,CGAL, EA, WSC) to enter early will only be accepted at the back door of the pool with current credentials at 6:30 am. *If you bring a swimmer or family, we ask that they stay with you until 7am.
Jolyn suits will we at the meet on Saturday from 10am - 2pm
Attached is the warm-up/lane timing assignments, along with the Marie DeHoog ballots.
Coaches should remind all swimmers that the warm pool is for warm ups & cool down only. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO DIVING. 
Fridays warm-up 
meet starts @ 5:00
Saturday/Sunday AM Warm-ups 
WSC / RRSC/ EA/ CGAL: 7am-8am 
All other team will warm-up: 8am-9am
Meet Starts @9:15 am 
Saturday PM warm-ups 
1:15 pm-2:15 pm 
Meet starts @2:30
Sunday PM warm-ups
1:00 pm-2:00 pm
Meet starts @ 2:15 pm