MSA/Sailfish Invitational

Nov 2, 2018 - Nov 4, 2018 (01:00 AM)
October, 19 2018
October 31, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)
BRONZE,BRONZE 2,BRONZE 3,GOLD,GOLD 2,Orange,Senior,Senior 2,SILVER,SILVER 2,SILVER 3 ([* ALL Locations *])


This meet is for ALL SWIMMERS. Please note, On Saturday 11/3, the Charlotte Marathon will be going on and you will need to make sure you choose a route to the pool that is not impacted by the traffic.  A link to the course map is below.  Also, on Sunday 11/4, there is a 1 PM Home Panthers game so you will also need to pay attention tot he traffic.