Ken Dunn Provincial Pool & OW Championships

Jul 4, 2019 - Jul 8, 2019
June, 26 2019
AG:AAA ([* ALL Locations *])


Halifax at Dalplex Pool

Hosted by SNS/DCSC


See attached document regarding residences at Dalhousie University.


See attached document regarding T-shirt orders ($19) Order deadline – Monday June 17th  

         Split Warm-Ups:

o     Prelims:

§   7:30-8:15am: PARA, 13 & Under Male, 14 & Under Female

§   8:15-9:00am: 14 & Over Male, 15 & Over Female

o     Finals:

§   3:30-4:15pm: PARA, 13 & Under Male, 14 & Under Female

§   4:15-5:00pm: 14 & Over Male, 15 & Over Female

o     Sprint, Pace & Backstroke start lanes will be open for the last 20 minutes of each scheduled warm-up period

·          Session Reports: Attached; note the timelines during finals do not account for the B finals.  Please add another 25 minutes or so to each scheduled finish time for finals.  Breaks have been added; the pool will be open for a quick warm up/down during those times.

·          Psych Sheets: Attached; all entries have been confirmed.  Scratches will result in empty lanes (except for those events requiring positive check-in).

·          Positive Check-In: Will be required for the 800/1500m Freestyle (by 8:30am for Thursday’s distance and 7:00pm Saturday for Sunday’s distance).

·          Distance Events: All distance will be swum 2 per lane, fastest to slowest, alternating gender during prelims.

·          Combined events: Distance events may be combined by gender once we complete positive check-in. Other events may be combined at meet management discretion. Coaches will be notified

·          Parking: Parking passes are required to park in the Dalplex Parking lot on Thursday & Friday morning.  Each Club will receive 1 parking pass for their Coach; this can be picked up from Bette in the computer room on Thursday morning. Volunteer timers/officials will receive them from Kelley.  Spectators can park at meters (and pay) or use pay and display anywhere on Dal campus.

·          Facility Rules: Please ensure those on deck are wearing indoor shoes.

·          Hospitality: DCSC will be providing hospitality in the classroom off the deck in the shallow end for all Coaches and Officials.  To be more environmentally friendly, we will be limiting the amount of disposable water bottles available throughout the swim meet. Please remember to bring a refillable water bottle with you to the meet as there will be several water stations available for water refills. We will have volunteers that will be available to refill your bottle for you so you can keep your eyes on the meet! Thank you for your help.

·          Canteen: DCSC will be providing a healthy canteen.  This will be located above the bleachers in the deep end of the pool.  Please note that the canteen will be cash only.

·          Web casting: will NOT be available through the weekend.

·          Pre-Meet Training: Dalplex Pool will be available for pre-meet training on Wednesday July 3rd 3:00-4:30pm (3 lanes LCM) and 4:30-7:00pm (7 lanes LCM) for visiting teams; please work together to share lane space.  Clubs must check-in at the front desk to gain access to the pool through the change rooms (through the main turnstiles)

·          Officials: Timers and Officials are still needed to assist in running a successful competition; email Kelley Polley: