PNS 14U Champ meet

Aug 2, 2019 - Aug 4, 2019
July, 15 2019



  • ALL events are double ended in prelims with the exception of the 50's, 1500's and all Relays.
  • We will not be selling Physical programs at the meet but will instead be selling programs via Meet Mobile.
  • We will not be using the Little League parking lots for overflow parking.  Drivers should be prepared to utilize neighborhood parking if needed.

Each swimmer may enter up to six (6) individual events but no more than three (3) per day. Entries exceeding this limit will be scratched without notification, and entry fees for entry count limitation scratches will not be refunded.

A swimmer entered in one or more individual events with an event qualifying time may also enter a maximum of one (1) bonus event, subject to the event limits stated above. Only one bonus event may be entered in this meet;  it does not have to be an event offered on the same day as a swimmer’s qualifying individual event(s).NT (“no time”) entries are not allowed except as follows: A swimmer who has qualified for the 400M Freestyle may enter the 1500M Freestyle as a bonus event and may enter it as NT. If the swimmer has also entered the 400M Freestyle as a qualifying event, so indicate in your cover email; otherwise, eligible 400M Freestyle proof of time must be provided in your cover email