Lake Travis Relays

Oct 20, 2018 (06:00 AM) - Oct 20, 2018 (06:00 PM)
September, 16 2018
Masters EAC,Masters WAC,National,Pre-Senior,Senior (CFB,EAC,NL,WAC)


WATER LEVEL NOTES: Although the lake is  LCRA Water Quality Report

Link to website - https://laketravisrelay.weebly.com/about.html  

HOW: Six swimmers per team will each complete a 20-minute leg, then a 15-minute leg, then 10-minute legs until their team has completed the designated course. Swimmers will swim in the same successive order throughout the 15-minute leg and the 10-minute legs as they do in the 20-minute leg.


  • Male: 72-107 / 108-239 / 240-299 / 300+
  • Female: 72-107 / 108-239 / 240-299 / 300+
  • Mixed (3 male & 3 female swimmers): 72-107 / 108-239 / 240-299 / 300+
  • First Responder: (Fire Fighter, EMT, Military, Lifeguard, Law Enforcement, other)
  • High School: 6 swimmers of any combination of gender currently enrolled in any accredited school or academy, or home-schooled, grades: 9-12.
  • Collegiate: 6 swimmers of any combination of gender, currently enrolled full-time in an accredited institution of higher learning (university, community college, med or law school, post-grad, or in a post H.S. accredited vocational/technical school.)
  • Open: 6 swimmers of any combination of gender and age

Categories with age divisions will be determined by the aggregate of the six swimmers' ages as of the day of the swim.  

ENTRY FEES & DEADLINES: Entry fee is determined by the date of team registration. Entry is considered "complete" when all ASA fees & swimmer registration info is submitted by the deadline. Incomplete entries are subject to late fees.

  • Early-Bird” Entry: $360 / team if paid on or by Sunday 9/16
  • On-Time” Entry: $450/ team if paid Monday 9/17 through Sun. 9/30
  • Late” Entry: $540 / team if paid Monday 10/1 through close of entries


  • O2 will pay for the boat rentals 
  • Will need sopmone with a Kayak for each team  

Entry is considered "complete" on the date team registration info & team fees are submitted as long as all swimmers are registered for 2018 with ASA. Incomplete entries are subject to the next fee jump.  Please make sure all your swimmers are registered with ASA.

SWIMMER REPLACEMENT: There is a $25 replacement fee for any swimmer substitution after an entry is submitted.

ELIGIBILITY: Must be at least 12 years old and registered with ASA.  Swimmers may register with ASA for 2018 ($25) and enjoy discounts on 5 other  Highland Lakes Challenge event days in 2018, or a swimmer may register for this event only ($15).

ASA REGISTRATION: Swimmer Registration here.

TEAM MEMBERSHIP: Team affiliation will not affect affiliation for other events or organizations. Swimmers may affiliate with any team for this event. We love it when you get creative with team names!

RULES: 2018 ASA Open Water Rules will govern this event. No drafting. No fins, snorkels, heart monitors, wristwatches, pull buoys, floats or any other artificial aids permitted. No tech suits. ** Please familiarize yourself with ASA Rules.  
**No tech suits. A swimmer may wear only one suit. Please make sure you wear an acceptable suit as follows: Swim suits shall not cover a man's body higher than the top of the pelvic bone or the belly button and shall not cover any part of the body below the top of the knee. Swim suits shall not cover a woman's body outside the shoulder-joints or above the shoulder-line and shall not cover the any part of the body below mid thigh. The material of suits may consist only of cotton, lycra, nylon, polyester, and spandex. Any swimmer wishing to compete in a suit constructed of other materials must apply to ASA for permission in writing. If you have any questions about the suit rule please contact: Dr. Keith Bell, Race Director at 512-327-2260.

BOAT, CELL PHONE, STOPWATCH:  Each team must provide its own escort boat, one stopwatch, and at least two working cell phones. Teams should make boating arrangements early. All teams must have someone 22 years of age or older driving the boat and must adhere to all lake & boating laws.

TEAM IDENTIFICATION ON BOAT: All escort boats are to display a banner or sign on the side of their boat with the team name. Banner or sign must be at least poster board size. Please be prepared with zip ties, rope or whatever it takes to display sign.

ESCORT PADDLER REQUIRED: It is required that each team have an escort paddler, in addition to the escort boat, to accompany swimmer in the water. During the swimmer exchange, the kayaker should escort the swimmer who is beginning his leg while the escort boat picks up the swimmer who is completing his leg. At no time should a swimmer be left unattended in the water.  Safety first.

AWARDS: Awards for winning team in each division. Overall winners will have team name and team members' names engraved on Lake Travis Relay perpetual trophy. 

CAPTAINS' MEETING: Friday, October 19th, 7:00 p.m. Each relay team shall have an appointed Captain.  The Captain shall attend the Captains’ Meeting and is responsible for knowing all the rules and serving as a point of contact for the relay. Division confirmation, team number, team verification, start and finish procedures, boating procedures and instructions, safety & emergency procedures, caps, t-shirts, and more will be discussed.  Boat Drivers, Escort Paddlers, other swimmers, welcome. 

LOCATION OF CAPTAINS' MEETING:  Westover Club / 8706 Westover Club Dr. / Austin, TX  78759

TIME LIMIT:  The race cut-off time for the relay is 6.5 hours.  At 6.5 hours from the start of the race teams not having finished the course will be considered signed off from the official race and will not be issued a finish time or place in the official results. Note: Make sure you're clear with your boat rental facility so you understand any charges additional to any “race deal” they may have for the Lake Travis Relay.

2018 LAKE TRAVIS RELAY T-SHIRTS: Each on-time entrant will receive a “2018 Lake Travis Relay” t-shirt.  Extra t-shirts can be pre-ordered. We encourage you to consider outfitting your support crew — boat driver, kayaker — in a 2018 Lake Travis Relay t-shirt.

PLEASE NOTE: All Race Fees Are Non-Refundable.  Shirts not guaranteed after 10/8. Information subject to change.