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Team Captains: Silver & Gold Holiday Meet

Dec 1, 2018 (12:30 PM) - Dec 1, 2018 (04:30 PM)
October, 5 2018
November 29, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


Team Captains Silver vs Gold

Intra Squad Holiday Meet

This will be a fast fun holiday meet for all.  The Team Captains will coach the Silver vs Gold teams in a sprint format meet and of course we will have those fun Holiday Relays.  A terrific team building day for swimmers and parents to enjoy our 'swim culture'.

@Y Facility 165 Broadrock Rd Peace dale Ri

12:00 Swimmers Arrive

12:30 Warm ups 

1:00 Start

Swim Events 1:00 to 3:30

Pool open for team open swim and snacks on deck 3:30-4:30 Finish

4:30 Finish-Clean Up-Clear and Clear Out :)

* If you can no longer attend please text Coach Kiely

Dear Swimmers & Parents,

In order to convey details of our new tradition ‘The Silver & Gold Into Squad Holiday Meet’, this email has outlined a timeline, and includes  information to answer all possible questions, along with requests for snack donations and volunteer position to be filled.

What we are doing:
We are building on previous Holiday Meet format to begin a new team tradition of an annual fun holiday team bonding/team spirit building day in our Home Facility.  This intra-squad meet has Captains in lead positions, teammates separated into fair Silver & Gold teams.
Swimmers race training teammates for placement and points. First place earns 3 pts, second place earns 1 point.  Each Heat is scored.  Each Heat has Heat Winner prize.

Why we are doing it.
Years ago when the SENECY League had a smaller number of team, the Holiday Classic Meet was rotated evenly through league teams alternating each year as host with three locations selected and a participation fee for meet host to have as fundraiser.  The league has grown to 20 teams and several years ago it turned loose into a free for all where any team can offer to host and attract/invite other teams in league.  Unfortunately SCY has the least desirable pool in league with 5 lanes and no timing pads, or scoreboard, its SCM, without WiFi Meet Mobile and now a compromised holding area for teams. ( …just facts - No complaints, …we roll with obstacles)  We have mostly AWAY meets now.  This Intra Squad meets lets swimmers and families enjoy each other and come to gather for a holiday spirited short fast local Home meet to build our ‘swim culture’ making it stronger.

Goal for event.
    Its about the swimmers, ..its for the swimmers. Teammates laugh, smiles and enjoy each other during non pressured racing, while building on the skills and drill trained.  Captains get true leadership opportunity, teammates get to race & cheer.  Our team buddy program begins at this time with older teammates caring for younger teammates…and parent at this one meet get to choose to attend entire meet, or may elect to designate/partner/rotate with another parent to be responsible for their swimmers after meet start and leave facility for a short time.

Team Buddy Assignment List Attached

Meet Timeline
12:00 swimmers arrive
12:30 team warm up
1:00-2:00  60:00 minutes  (15:00 overage if needed)
We will swim 2 rounds of IM Stroke 50s and one round of Freestyle Stroke 50s
* each round is approx. 20-25 min
* 9-10,11-12,13-18 swim 50’s
* 8 & Under will swim 25’s
Round One
IM 50 as 25FLY/25BK

Round Two
IM as 25BR/25FR

Round Three

2:15-3:15   30:00 for relays and games (15:00 overage if needed)

age group relays:
4 lanes to be used/ 2 relay entry per teams, per age group:
 (#swimmers depends on attending swimmer numbers and age group with even breakdown)

All are 25s:
    Reindeer Antlers for 8 under
    Christmas Stockings for 9-10s
    Holiday T shirts  for 11-12s
    Ugly Christmas Sweater for 13-14
    Santa's bag 15-18

    12 & Under Team Games during open swim
    and team snack time.
Requested Donations prior to Saturday:
Holiday decorations for Pool (no lights or electronics)
and…4 Ugly Christmas sweaters that will be most likely non-returnable after swim event

Requested Donations day of meet:
SCY Concessionaires contacted Coach Kiely and will provide team with Water and Gatorade.  Thank you.
Coach Kiely will provide hot pizza delivered at 3:45.  
If parents could voluntarily bring healthy snacks.  We also must be conscious of our swimmers with food allergies.

Volunteer timers will not be needed.  
Bullpen will not be used.
All swimmers remain on deck and are coordinated and entered in heats by team captains.  This is a race/placement team building meet.  

We will ask attending parents to assist in some positions on deck.
    If any of our Officials would like practice on being Starter your assistance is welcomed.  Coaches will fill this position when/if needed.
    No Stroke and Turn Officials will be needed.  Team Captains & Coaches will oversee DQs

A volunteer(s) is requested to arrange food table on deck.
A volunteer Female & Male is requested to walk through locker room at Y several times during meet.
A volunteer is requested to track/confirm order of placement for top 1 & 2 place
A volunteer is requested to track/confirm team points.

We hope you enjoy and support the Coaches efforts to bring a happy carefree fun day to our swim club members.
Best Regards
Your Coaching Staff