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Y-SENECY@BU 2018 Northeastern YMCA Winter ChampionshipsAWAY Specialty Meet

Dec 15, 2018 (07:30 AM) - Dec 17, 2018 (06:15 PM)
October, 5 2018
December 12, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


UPDATED Swimmers EVENT List Attached 12-7-2018

December 15-16-17 @Boston University

2018 Northeastern YMCA Winter Championships

This annual meet is held Sat Sun & Mon (Yes, Monday)

Swimmer must have achieved a qualifying time to be entered into this meet.  There are several process and continuing updates going on for this specific meet that can confuse parents, so we ask you to review information for this meet carefully.

UPDATED 12-14-18

Parking: Lot A (Agganis Arena Parking Garage). Parking is $15- Pay on entry. Access to Lot A via Buick St or Harry Agganis Way. On-street parking on Commonwealth Ave is severely limited and metered.
Facility Access: Use the Event Entrance on the side of the FitRec Center, directly next to Agganis Arena. NOTE: Parents are not permitted to simultaneously accompany their swimmers into the facility.
*from Coach Kiely: 
All SCY-RI Swimmers MUST be on deck with Coach Kayla by 8:00 AM
SCY_RI Team warm ups @8:25
 The building opens at 7:30 AM.  If parents want a best viewing seat they should plan to be in line for entrance at 7:30 as this meet often has average of 2-3 adults per swimmer entered (which is a good thing)

Sat/Sun: MORNINGS: 7:30am Swimmers/Coaches/Officials

                                     7:50am  Parents/Spectators

               AFTERNOONS: 4:30pm Swimmers/Coaches/Officials

                                          4:50pm Parents/Spectators

Monday :MORNING: 8:30am Swimmers/Coaches/Officials

                                  8:50am  Parents/Spectators

               AFTERNOON: 4:30pm Swimmers/Coaches/Officials

                                        4:50pm Parents/Spectator

Admissions: Spectator Admission is $5 per day. Heat Sheets are $2, and they will be ready close to the start of the session. Advance purchase will be available upon entry. 
Spectator Notes: No personal chairs allowed. There will be ample seating in the stands and spectator gallery.

To best help parents and qualified swimmers decide upon attending the meet at this time, please read the following:

#1   Attached is a list of swimmers qualified to attend this meet.  If your swimmer is not on the list they do not currently have times fast enough to enter this meet.

#2    Attached is a list of qualified swimmers, with all the events each swimmer has qualified to enter.  11-05-18 Coach Kiely has finalized which events swimmers will compete in.  Relays will be assigned on deck at start of meet.  Each day/session has a limit on the number of events that each swimmer can be entered in.

*Addendum: Ongoing process:   Some swimmers have only 1 or 2 qualified events to swim, but...a bonus event may have been assigned/added to the swimmers entry.

Also  we learn from meet host 11-5-18 numbers projected to attend meet are lowerd on 11-5-18 enough to allow qualified swimmers to add one or two qualified entries. So a swimmer originally with one event a day may be given additional events to swim .

UPATED INFO: Scratch Request was sent evening of 11-29-18

Please text or email Coach Kiely if you must scratch this meet ASAP.

Qualified Swimmers entered in events held on the Monday 12-17-18 may elect to scratch.  Attending Monday is a personal choice regarding conflict with school attendance.  Parents & swimmers should discuss and understand that Coach Kiely supports each qualified swimmers personal choice to attend or decline swimming on Monday.

Team Specific warm up times will be posted when/if received from meet host.

Officials that can volunteer please let Coach Kiely know the day/session

Volunteer SCY-RI Team timers will be sent a sign up sheet by our helpful team parent volunteers:)

Please review meet format: *Important some of our top 9-12 swimmers have qualified for an event as a 9-12 and qualified in same event as 11 & over.  *For this meet at this time of season and it is Coach Kielys' decision,... we WILL NOT enter our 11-12 swimmers in 11 & over events.  They will swim timed final 9-12 events only.

MEET FORMAT: The meet will be conducted in a prelims/finals format for 11 & Over Events (including relays), and a timed finals format for events for swimmers aged 9-12, in accordance with USA Swimming Technical Rules. The Meet Referee reserves the right to make any adjustments to the provisions of the meet announcement necessary to ensure the fair and efficient operation of the competition. In the evening there will be 4 heats for individual events: a 14 & Under non-scoring final, a bonus, a consolation, and championship heat in that order in all events, except the 1650 freestyle. For All Relay Events, the top 20 performing relays from prelims will swim again in Finals (scoring will still occur to 30 th place).

WAIVERS: Boston University requires all participating athletes to have a signed waiver from their parents/guardians (if under the age of 18) or from themselves if aged 18 and older. The waiver will be available online for teams to download and distribute.