Snake Mini Meet-Presented by Oregon Oral Surgeons

Sep 20, 2018
September, 13 2018
Snake 1,Snake 2,Snake 3,Snake 4,Snake 5,Snake 6,Snake 7 (Snake)


All Snake swimers should do this mini meet. S2 and S6 may choose the Rogue mini meet instead. This is a great opportunity for all swimmers to get experience with a meet, get some good start of the season times to help track progression through the season, and to try some new events. 

Warm-ups: 3:30pm  Meet Starts at 4:00pm

Location: YMCA

Practice as usual this week except Thursday. Thursday is the Mini Meet. The heat sheet is attached, please have swimmers look it over, find their name and highlight or circle their name. I always make changes to swimmers events if needed so have them look it over and see what they are in. Swimmers that are upset about  their events should talk to me at practice and we can figure out a solution together. They should brign this to the meet. I will need 9 parents to volunteer to time at this meet. These do not go toward your required service hours.  I also need a few parents to bring chocolet chip cookies in ziploc bags, 2 per bag.   Swimmers should be at the meet at 3:30.