11th Annual Rainbow Invitational

Jun 8, 2019 - Jun 9, 2019
June, 3 2019
June 9, 2019
(this is a team hosted event)


Venue: K. Mark Takai Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center,  94-801 Kamehameha Hwy, Waipahu, HI 96797


Many volunteers will be needed to help retrieve the equipment from a nearby storage unit.  We will be setting up the tents for the officials, timers, and hospitality.  Also, setting up the stanchions around the pool.  We will be meeting at VMAC at 5:00pm so we do not bother the team practicing there.  If you are available to help with the set up, please make sure you identify yourself on the JOB SIGNUP.   


Todays' Set Up at VMAC: 

If you are coming help set up at VMAC this evening, we are meeting outside the gates of Public Storage, 94-559 Uke'e St, Waipahu (located next to the Hawaii Okinawan Center) at about 4:30.  Marvin will be bringing his large truck so we can transport everything from the LSC Storage Locker to VMAC.  Lloyd Wong will be meeting us at VMAC at about 5:00pm and bringing his tents & poles.  We need to help him unload his van.  The plan for tonight is: 

1.  Transport everything from the storage locker to VMAC.

2.  At 5:00pm, set up the Tent Poles (not tarp) for Officials, Timers, Hospitality, and Country Store.  We need to secure the poles down with buckets filled with water.  

3.  All electronic equipment pulled from the storage locker needs to be safely stored in the VMAC classroom (across from the pool manager's office).  

4.  Unload my car with the BOWS supplies and stored in the classroom for safe keeping. 


Please do not park in the round-about, it is only for active loading & unloading only.   Please park in a designated stall, because we don't want to risk being ticketed and towed away.  Please be mindful of the teams practicing at VMAC.

A big MAHALO to those who are willing to drive out to VMAC in the afternoon traffic and help with the set up!  See you all at 4:30pm at the Public Storage Unit.  If you have any trouble, please call or text me at 386-8036.  


Saturday Morning will be very busy because of the limited set-up on Friday evening.  Please plan to be at VMAC at 6:00am to start putting the tarps, PA System, Timing System, Stanchion set up, and setting up our Team Tents.  We need to be ready to go by the time Warm-ups start at 7:30am.  Please plan to stay for the entire meet because at the end of each day, we need to break down the important equipment and store them in the classroom for safe keeping.