**ReScheduled**KISU Draft Meet

Mar 16, 2019
March, 6 2019
Age Group 1,Age Group 2,Multi-Sport Senior Fitness,Regional 1,Regional 2 (Summerland Pool)


New Date: March 16th

It's fun.  It's close to home.  It's a one day event.   Meet New Friends from different clubs and race your Orca mates who may be on another "team"


3rd Annual Draft Day Swim Meet:

Date: MArch 16th , 2019

Location: Penticton Pool and Community Center


Coach Run Swim Clinic:  7:00-9:00AM

Meet Warm Up: 10:00-10:50AM

Swim Meet: 11:00-5:00PM


Draft Meet Procedure:

Swimmers will be placed on a “Team” made up of swimmers from all attending clubs in a “draft-style” selection by the regional coaches based primarily on their 200 IM entry time.

These teams will be designated by cap colour for the meet. All swimmers must wear meet-issued team caps for all events.

As this is a sanctioned meet, individual events will count as official times.

Relay (including lead swimmers) and bonus events will not be eligible as official times as these
will be unsanctioned events.

Overall team scores for each Draft Team will be manually generated.


Everybody will swim 3 individual events + relays

 All swimmers will be entered in the 200 IM and 50 free. Swimmers will swim one of 100 free, 100 back, 100 breast or 100 fly.

Non-standard relay events with descriptions as follows:
4x4x50 Medley Relay: Each team will consist of 16 swimmers, with 4 swimming
each of the same stroke following regular stroke order for relays (4x50 back,
followed by 4x50 breast, then 4x50 butterfly and 4x50 freestyle).

4x100IM Relay: Each team will consist of 4 swimmers who will each swim a
complete 100 IM before handing off to the next swimmer.

16x50 Free Descending Time Relay: Each team will consist of 16 swimmers and
will be seeded in the relay slowest to fastest. As the relay progresses, each
swimmer’s split must be faster than the previous swimmer. If a swimmer does not
post a better time than their predecessor a penalty of five seconds will be added to
the overall team relay time.

All swimmers must be entered in at least 1 relay before any swimmer gets entered in a
second relay. All swimmers must be entered in 2 relays before any swimmer gets entered
in a third relay.


COST: $50.00 flat fee for clinic and swim meet events (includes Splash Fees).


Please "commit" to event by selecting Yes/No option.  Coaches will enter swimmers in the events and relays.

DEADLINE: Wednesday March 6th, 2019

Your account will be billed accordingly.  If you have any questions you can always e-mail orcaswimcoach@gmail.com

Delano Ducheck