2018 OH Tim Myers Senior Championships

Nov 16, 2018 - Nov 18, 2018
November, 1 2018
November 17, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)
coaches,Cyclone,Elite ([* ALL Locations *])


  • All swimmers should arrive at the pool each day by 7am+/- and be on deck ready to swim with the team, behind 2 lanes between 7:10 & 7:15am.  Mobility and stretching behind the lanes until 7:30am when the pool opens for warm-ups.
  • Warm-ups are Open, with no assigned lanes per Team, and so the above will allow us to (hopefully) control 2 lanes during warm-ups each day with our 40+/- swimmers on deck.
  • We plan on the following for 7:30-8:15am Open warm-ups:
    • A lane of continuous warm-up for 40 min +/- (most of Elite + select Cyclone Swimmers)
    • A lane of warm-up rounds with mobility on deck between rounds
    • This will allow us to have 15+/- continually warming up and 25+/- rotating in and out of the pool through our usual Team warm-up.
  • From 8:15-8:45am both pools will have lanes 1 & 9 as push pace lanes and lanes 2 & 8 as block start lanes.  The meet begins at 9am, which should allow for plenty of time for starts, any needed pace work, to get tech suits on, and to be totally prepared for the Session.
  • Finals will follow a similar protocol as above, with Finals beginning at 5:30pm Fri and Sat and beginning at 4:15pm on Sunday.  All NAAC Finals swimmers should be on deck, ready to swim 45 min to an hour prior to meet start time unless otherwise approved by a coach.
  • All Finals events 200 and under (including 50’s of Fly, Back & Breast this year) will consist of A, B, C and (16 & under) D heats, with 9 qualifiers per heat.  So top 27 plus the next 9 fastest 16 and under swimmers.  The 400IM and 500 Free will consist of only A, B and C heats (top 27 only).
  • We will post our NAAC relay line ups each morning, and all teams will have the following relay set up this year:
    • Fri – all Finals Session relays
    • Sat – 200 Free relays in Prelims, 400MR’s in Finals
    • Sun – 200 MR’s in Prelims, 400 Free relays in Finals
  • 1650 on Sunday is the only full event with positive check-in.  All Sunday FINALS QUALIFIERS will also have a positive check in per event for finals swims.  This is only in place on Sunday.
  • National Scratch rules apply throughout the meet – which generally means that you can not miss a prelim or finals event.  So please be prepared for all of your races at least 3 heats prior.  All NAAC swimmers should swim all qualified events up to and including Sunday Finals.
  • We will decide 400 Free Relays before the end of Prelims on Sunday, trying to primarily include those swimmers that also qualify for individual events Sunday evening.  Luckily the weather is not predicted to be as bad for our trip/s home on Sunday.

Looking forward to a fun, fast weekend!  - John C & Jen B