Personalized Swim Cap Orders - USE NOTES BOX

Sep 13, 2018 - Sep 30, 2018
September, 30 2018


Beach Cities will be placing an order for personalized swim caps. Families must order a minimum of two personalized caps to place an order - and then in increments of two, so you can't order three or five, etc.  The total cost for two personalized caps is $32.00 (tax included).  All caps are silicone!  We only do these orders a couple times per year, so please stock up now!!

By committing "Yes" to this event page, you are giving Beach Cities permission to charge the designated number of swim caps to your Beach Cities account.  Please use the NOTES BOX to indicate how many caps you wish to order.  If you do not indicate how many to purchae, you will be charged for one order (TWO CAPS - $32.00).

Please use the NOTES BOX to indicate the number of caps you wish to order and the text that will appear on the cap.  Both caps will have the same text (you can not have one cap say "Adriana" and one cap say "Quirke").  If you do not indicate text in the comment box, the swimmers' last name will appear on the caps.  

If you wish to have separate text...you will have to order four caps (two with one text and two with the other).