SYNCHRO Nov/Int Worldwide Champs in Coral Springs, FL

May 17, 2019 - May 20, 2019
March, 1 2019
Synchro BLUE,Synchro SILVER,Synchro TEAL (Camana Bay Pool)


2019 Novice, Intermediate & 12-U Age Group

 Worldwide Invitational

Coral Springs Florida, FL


Hosted by:                  Coral Springs Aquacades Synchro Team


Facility:                      Coral Springs Aquatic Complex

                                    12241 Royal Palm Blvd

                                    Coral Springs Fl 33065


Rules:                         The 2019 USA Synchro Rulebook shall govern the event


Sanctioned By:          Southeast Florida Association and United States Synchronized Swimming


Meet Manager:          Ashley Johnson (English)                               Rosa Martinez (Spanish)

                                    12441 Royal Palm Blvd                                 12441 Royal Palm Blvd

                                    Coral Springs Fl 33065                                   Coral Springs Fl 33065

                                    561-702-0917                                                  786-262-2474



Eligibility:                   This competition is open to non-national team members in the following categories:

                                     NOVICE- a swimmer that started synchro less than one year ago.

                                                Ages; 8-under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-15 and 16-over

                                    INTERMEDIATE- a swimmer swimming over a year but not yet ready to compete at a UANA championships or a US Jr Olympics

                                                Ages 10-under, 11-12, 13-15 and 16-over

                                    12-under AGE GROUP- a swimmer swimming two years or more that would be considered to qualify for UANA championships or US Jr Olympics

                                                Ages 12-under


 Airport:                      Ft Lauderdale Airport (FLL) is the 1st choice and closest

                                    Palm Beach International Airport (PBI)

                                    Miami International Airport (MIA)


Entry Fees:               Sponsor Fee:                           $35 per competitor (Aquacades Booster Club)

Entry Fee:                               $10.00 per competitor per routine (Southeast Florida)

Any swimmer who is listed as an alternate and not swimming any other routine shall pay the entry fee.


Awards:                     Ribbons will be awarded for places 4-12 in routines and figures. Medals for places 1-3 in routine and figures


                                    Special Awards will be awarded to the one swimmer who scores the highest in their respective division: Novice, Intermediate and Age Group Swimmer per age category. There will also be a High Point Team Trophy


 Pool Specs:                Pool is 20 yards by 25 yards

                                    Deck entry area is clear.

                                    Depth – 16ft. all around


Routines:                    Novice may enter TWO routines in the following: Solo, Duet, Trio, Team

                                    Intermediate may enter TWO the following: Solo, Duet, Trio, Team

                                    12-under Age Group may enter THREE of the following: Solo, Duet,Team

                                                            **Limit 2 solos only per Age category*


Officials:                     Only USA Synchro rated officials will be allowed to judge the event. Foreign Federation judges are invited to attend to observe only.


Seating:                      Chairs are limited on the lower deck, so feel free to bring your own. There is plenty of space for tents. For international visitors this is an outdoor pool. You can rent a tent for your federation next to the pool for $50 for the whole meet.


Deck space:                It is an outdoor pool with shade on upper deck


Concessions:              Concession is available during the meet. Athletes and parents will be able to buy great snacks and drinks throughout the day


Lunch:                        Lunch for athletes will be provided and is included in the sponsor fee for Saturday and Sunday.



Gelling:                       There will be a gelling station available at the pool. We will only provide hot                                            water. Swimmers must bring their own tools for gel.                                                                                                Competitors may NOT wash their gel out at the facility.


Schedule:                   A tentative schedule is attached. Final meet schedule will be sent with the order                                        of draw one week before the meet.


Closing Ceremony:   Swimmers should bring flags of their country of origin. We will be using this as part of the closing ceremonies for this event. During the closing ceremonies is a great time to bring items from your country to trade with other international swimmers.


Host Hotels:               Hampton Inn Tamerac (breakfast included)

5701 Madison Ave, Pompano Beach, FL 33321

                                       Phone: (954) 724-7115