USAS SAL Trophy Meet (North Penn HS) and MINI Meet- 14 & Unders ONLY

Nov 18, 2018
September, 25 2018
December 31, 1929
(this is a team hosted event)


NP Trophy Meet (North Penn)- 14 & Unders ONLY.

Please read ALL important info below about the meet on Sunday especially note:

  • Since events are positive check in for ages 9+, please make sure to check in with our coach by 10:20 am (Session 2) and 4:00 pm (Session 3).  If there are any issues or unforeseen delays, please text me at 267.304.0709.  If your swimmer can't make the meet, please let me know ASAP.
  • NO CHAIRS are allowed (on pool deck or in gym).  For session 2 and 3, please remember to bring extra towels, blankets, warm clothes because the gym where the swimmers wait will be cold.
  • I need parents to keep an eye on the swimmers in the gym during session 2 and 3.  Since most of us will probably stay with them in the gym (seating is limited/crowded), I will assume we will all keep an eye out for each others kids and not assign anyone specifically.  Please remember (and remind your swimmers) that we represent LM Lightning.  How we behave is a reflection of our team.
  • They are asking for canned/boxed soup donations for a Thanksgiving drive that the NPAC community is hosting.  Please consider bringing a donation to the meet on Sunday.

Pool Location:

North Penn High School

1340 Valley Forge Rd

Lansdale, PA  19446 (intersection of Sumneytown Pike and Valley Forge Rd)


Session 1:  

Session warm up Starts at 7:00 am

LMOR Warm Up at 7:15 am in Lane 2

Meet Starts at 7:50 am

Coach Jess


Session 2:

Session Warm Up starts 10 am (check in with our coach by 10:20 am)

LMOR Warm Up at 10:55 am in Lanes 4,5,6

Meet Starts at 11:20 am

Coach Jake, Coach Mary Kate


Session 3:

Session Warm up starts 3:45 pm

LMOR Warm Up at 4:00 pm in Lane 8

Meet Starts at 4:30 pm

Coach Will


Notes from the meet director (highlights by me):

  1. Deck entries will not be accepted this year.  

  2. All events for the 9-12 session and the 13 & over session will be positive check in.  Coaches - please pick up your team's scratch sheets as soon as you arrive, cross off any swimmers who are scratching the meet or scratching any events, and turn these back into the computer table.  Scratch sheets will be due for the 9-12 session by 10:20AM, and by 4:00PM for the 13& over session.  

  3. The 8 & under 100 IM is positive check in.  The check in sheet for this event will be posted by the computer table.  Please check your swimmer in if they are planning on swimming.  Check in for this will close at 8:15 AM.  

  4. If you are aware of any scratches in advance of the meet please let me know.  

  5. No one will be allowed in the building before 6:45 AM except NPAC meet setup workers.   

  6. Please enter & exit NPHS thru the sports lobby.  As a reminder, Deck Chairs are not allowed in NPHS.  This is per the Fire Marshall.  Please leave these at home or in your car.  

  7. 9-12 & 13 & over sessions :  All teams with 10 or more swimmers in these sessions will be sitting in the Navy gym (across from the snack bar).  Have your swimmers report directly to the gym prior to warm up.  Swimmers will not be allowed on deck until the previous session is complete.  Please have your swimmers pack warmer clothes, and extra towels or a sleeping bag /blanket to sit on.  We will have a ready bench  for the 9-12 session in the gym.  We are asking that all teams sitting in the gym have one parent chaperone or coach supervising your team at all times.  If you have less than 10 swimmers, you may sit in either the pool area or the gym.

  8. All swimmers must enter the water feet first during warm up.  There is no diving until the sprint session of warm up.  The sprint session is one way only.  See the NPHS warm up guidelines for more info.

  9. Attached is the volunteer list.  We are requesting timers from teams for the 8 & under session & the 13 & up sessions based on the number of swimmers entered.  NPAC will provide all the volunteers for the 9-12 session.  You may split the session among multiple people, but please ensure your team covers the entire session.  We thank you in advance for your help!!

  10. Our snack bar & meet results will be in the sports lobby of the high school.  Personal Best, Cre8Tee, & Jolyn (end of 2nd session/3rd session only) will be available in the Navy Gym across from the snack bar.  Programs will also be for sale in the sports lobby.  Please refrain from bringing food and drinks into the pool area.

  11. Only coaches, swimmers, and volunteers are permitted on the pool deck during the meet.

  12. The stands will be crowded, especially during the 2nd session.  We will be live streaming the meet into the gym/snack bar area.  We encourage spectators to filter in and out of the stands to allow everyone to watch their child swim.  We will have extra tables in the lobby/gym to sit.

  13. Finally, the Trophy Meet is the final day of North Penn Aquatics Week of Giving.  With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching we recognize that there are many in our community less fortunate than us.  Would your team consider joining with us in making this event a success by bringing a non-perishable food donation?  There will be collection bins in the sports lobby.  See the attached flyer for more info.