ESSL Meet: WSSC (home) vs VAC vs YBAR

Nov 3, 2018 (07:00 AM) - Nov 3, 2018 (11:00 AM)
October, 12 2018
December 31, 1929
(this is a team hosted event)


   Our warmup is at 7:30AM. Be there 15-30 minutes early and check in with a coach.   


ESSL Swim Tri-meet

Washingtonville vs Middletown YMCA vs Vikings Aquatic Club

(WSSC (home) vs VAC vs YBAR)

When:  November 3, 2018 @ 8am

Where: Washingtonville High School

54 W Main St, Washingtonville, NY 10992

Registration details:

Swim meet is mandatory for 12 & under swimmers.  Optional and VERY welcome for 13 & over.

Please sign up if you are 13 & over via the website commitment process.

If you are 12 & under, only opt out if you are unable to make the meet and have discussed with your coach.  Any undeclared swimmers 12 & under will be assumed to be going.   It is VERY disruptive to the coachs & meet if you do not show up when you've made a committment, so please register/opt-out as needed.

Deadline for registration for this meet is: Oct 12, 2018

Any questions should be sent to or raised to one of the coaches or board members.

*** Please note to sign up for both sessions.  The coaches will enter the swimmers into the events that apply to them. ***