ECA Fun and Fundamentals - Session 2 (Greenville Site Only)

Oct 30, 2018 - Dec 21, 2018
November, 4 2018


Description: This program takes a new approach to beginning swimming in Greenville, replacing the former groups White and Green.  Swimmers will learn the fundamentals of swimming, and have a little fun along the way!

Fun and Fundamentals is a program offered to beginning swimmers who can complete 25 yards of unassisted Freestyle and Backstroke.  Programming will look to enhance skills in Freestyle and Backstroke, while introducing Butterfly/Breaststroke and skill work like flip-turns and racing dives.  In addition to learning elements of swimming, participants will also have fun days built into the schedule - diving boards, relay races, and other fun activities.

Instructors will use a rubric to track and assess your swimmers progression in the following areas: 

  • Racing dives
  • Flip Turns
  • Underwater Kicking
  • Freestyle/Backstroke lap swimming
  • Legal completion of Butterfly and Breaststroke
  • Relays Races and Diving Boards 

Completion of each session will culminate with a certificate of completion and scaled ratings based on expertise in the areas tested. 

Ages: 5-10

Schedule: Tuesday through Friday from 6:30-7:10 PM for 9 weeks.  

Session 2 Dates: October 30 - December 21

Cost: $150 Program Fee.  Registration fee of $60 will apply if this is your swimmer's first session.