YMCA: Great Lakes Zone Championships

Mar 15, 2019 - Mar 17, 2019
March, 9 2019
March 16, 2019
(this is a team hosted event)



Location: The Ohio State University

Host Website (psych sheet & more)

3/13/19: Relay names/order in the psych sheet for most of the 13 & Over relays are NOT correct.  They will also be incorrect in the heat sheet.  Relays are posted below and are subject to change, and these changes will be turned in to the scorer's table.


TEAM ZONE APPAREL will be distributed at G.B.T. There are additional Zone t-shirts for purchase if your swimmer did not order before the deadline.  Parents can purchase a shirt if there are any extras after we make sure all swimmers that want one, get one.  Please bring your checkbook. 

ZONE SWIM CAPS:    Each Zone swimmer will receive one free Zone swim cap with the option to purchase ONE additional cap.  Please bring your checkbook.

WHAT TO WEAR AT ZONES?  Swimmers are to wear their Zone apparel (or other Penguin apparel) and their Zone swim cap or LTPY swim cap.  Team suits / technical suits are to be solid black, blue or gray, but a block of one of these colors is acceptable.  If you aren't sure, check with Coach Chris. PARENTS: Show your team spirit by wearing your LTPY apparel!!!



SWIMMER’S CHECK-IN PROCEDURE AT OHIO STATE - Swimmers will receive their lanyard/badge from their coach. Coaches should plan to distribute the badges on Friday. Swimmers will not have access to the deck beginning Saturday AM without their badge. Swimmers are not to enter the pool deck through the lobby on Friday only. They need to go to the Southeast door near the Neil Avenue Garage. A volunteer will be there to let them in on Friday.


Friday, March 15th Session – Warmups at 3:00 pm

  • Evening Session: 11-12, 13-14, 15 & Over, Senior
  • 2:30 PM Coaches’ Check-In Opens
  • 2:45 PM Pool Deck opens *Please note that swimmers should enter through the Southeast door by the Neil Avenue Garage on Friday only. No swimmers should be entering the pool via the lobby on Friday. This procedure is for Friday only.
  • 3:00 PM Warm-up (Penguins warmup)
  • 3:50 PM Opening Ceremonies
  • 4:00 PM Competition Starts
  • TWO POOLS will be used on Friday only:  Girls will swim in the Diving Well Pool / Boys at the Scoreboard end.

Saturday and Sunday MORNING Session (13 & Over)

  • WARMUPS - Arrive by 7:20 am

Saturday and Sunday AFTERNOON Session (12 & Under)

  • WARMUPS - Arrive by 1:50 pm


Timers Meetings

  • Friday 3/15 Evening Session 
  • Timers @ 3:30PM on deck, in the room in the southwest corner behind the diving platforms
  • Saturday 3/16 Morning Session 
  • Timers @ 8:10AM on deck, in the room in the southwest corner behind the diving platforms
  • Saturday 3/16 Afternoon Session 
  • Timers @ 2:10PM on deck, in the room in the southwest corner behind the diving platforms
  • Sunday 3/17 Morning Session 
  • Timers @ 8:10AM on deck, in the room in the southwest corner behind the diving platforms
  • Sunday 3/17 Afternoon Session @ 1:40PM
  • Timers @ 2:10PM on deck, in the room in the southwest corner behind the diving platforms


Our Officials Meeting Times are noted below and thank you in advance for being *early*:

  • Friday 3/15 Evening Session @ 3:00PM
  • Saturday 3/16 Morning Session @ 7:40PM
  • Saturday 3/16 Afternoon Session @ 1:40PM
  • Sunday 3/17 Morning Session @ 7:40PM
  • Sunday 3/17 Afternoon Session @ 1:40PM


Friday (before 4:00pm) – March 15th, 2019 – The Neil Avenue Garage and the 12th Avenue Garage are NOT AVAILABLE FOR EVENT PARKING. While these garages are in close proximity to the pool, the Neil Avenue Garage is for staff only (no visitors) until after 4 p.m. on weekdays and the 12th Avenue Garage is for hospital use only. DO NOT TRY TO PARK IN EITHER OF THESE GARAGES ON FRIDAY BEFORE 4PM.

Ohio Union South Garage – 1759 North High Street

Tuttle Park Place Garage – 2050 Tuttle Park Place Drive

 Lane Avenue Garage – 2105 Neil Avenue and Tuttle Park Place

Friday (after 4:01pm) & All Day Saturday and Sunday – Parking will be available at the Neil Avenue Garage at a flat rate of $5 per entry to the garage. Please be prepared with exact change to keep traffic moving. Please be prepared with exact change keep the line moving. Neil Avenue Garage (closest garage to McCorkle Aquatic Facility) 1847 Neil Avenue

Your Patience Please – There will likely be a line formed to exit, so please exercise patience when exiting the garage. Always have your exit card available if you paid in advance. If you did not pay on the way into the garage, please pay at the “Pay on foot” kiosk prior to pulling your car to the exit line. Paying by credit card will allow transactions to occur more efficiently than cash transactions. Those that wish to avoid the possibility of experiencing a wait to exit the garage, or who would like to pay a flat rate, should park legally in an A, B, or C parking space in the Ohio Stadium lot (unrestricted spaces only) and pay the Pay-n-Display machine by credit card before parking or by registering the license plate of their vehicle as with a visitor pass through the CampusParc website before parking. Parking cards should be displayed as directed for Pay-n-Display. For vehicles whose license plate is registered online no placard will be provided. Neither the OSU facility nor the YMCA receive any revenue from parking fees. Prices are determined and retained by CampusParc, a third-party provider to OSU. Parking arrangements are subject to change based on the university activities. *Please note that in the parking garage, all parking is head in only. Meaning you will get a ticket if you back into your parking spot. There are signs posted in the garage stating this fact. LYST is not responsible for your ticket if you choose to ignore this warning.


Swimmer Drop-off: There are two athlete drop-off circle areas. 1847 Neil Ave. (closest to the Friday evening athlete entrance) 337 Annie & John Glenn Ave. (athletes should proceed under Scarlet Skyway bridge up ramp towards McCorkle Aquatic Facility)


Please sign up YES if your swimmer will participate if they qualify or they are a member of a qualifying relay.  Event signup is closed.


Announcer ***We are seeking an experienced Announcer for Sunday morning session.  If you have someone on your team that would be interested, please email Noelle at zones2019@yahoo.com.

Devotions & National Anthem - If you have a swimmer that would like to do a devotion and prayer before a session or sing the National Anthem, please email Noelle at zones2019@yahoo.com

Donations Needed for Nationwide Children's Hospital is posted below.


--> Zones Apparel --> Great Lakes Zone Championship Meet Apparel (this is not LTPY Zones apparel, but love the design).



There are qualifying time standards for this meet.