USA: GCST Holiday Cheer Invite (signup by 11/14)

Dec 14, 2018
November, 14 2018


We will participate Friday night only.

GCSTO’s Salvation Army Holiday Cheer Meet – 2018

Penguin Warm-Ups Times on Friday – 5:30 pm  (Meet starts at 6:05 pm)

GCSTO Holiday Meet Coaches & Families,

We look forward to seeing everyone at the meet this weekend. If you could please send the following to your participating families it would be appreciated:

Salvation Army Holiday Cheer Event

We are asking all participants to reach down into their pockets and help out a child this holiday season by bringing in a new, unwrapped toy to donate to this worthy cause. We will have 2 collection areas… one will be at the heat sheet sales table located just inside the doors as you enter from the east side of the facility and one will be right at our concession stand in the wrestling room. Please consider bringing in something so that our goal of 300 presents donated to this charity is achieved. Last year we delivered over 200 gifts to the Salvation Army Holiday Cheer! PLEASE HELP US OUT AND BRING ON IN A GIFT IF YOU WOULD!

Parking – PENGUIN PARENTS, please review carefully

Friday & Saturday: Please park on the east (baseball field) side of our facility which is on the opposite side of the facility from the football field WITHOUT EXCEPTION as the school has activities BOTH days for which they need that parking. Those found in violation on these days will have their swimmers removed from the meet for the day.  


Spectator Information

Athlete/Parent Rest Areas

1 – There is the large Barton Room for parents and athletes to set up in just past the inside double doors on your right as enter the facility. This will be open all 3 days of the meet BUT ON FRIDAY NIGHT it will not be opened until after Academy’s wrestling practice is over around 5:45 p.m. so please use the foyer area, the area at the bottom of those steps and the hallway there at the bottom of those steps as areas to spread out as well. In terms of the Barton Room PLEASE KEEP A WALKWAY OPEN THRU THAT AREA if you would.


2 – You may also set up in the lobby there to the left of where you enter. This will be open all 3 days of the meet.


3 – There is a third are located at the base of the steps leading downstairs from that lobby/Barton room area. This will be open all 3 days of the meet. You may also sit in that hallway to the right at the bottom of the stairs as another place to stretch out and relax.


Spectator Seating – This is available in the bleachers just above the pool. Please… no wet athletes should be in the stands. Also, please do not allow your athletes to put their bags, blankets and such in the stands as we need this for spectator seating. This will be a crowded meet so please make sure your fellow spectators have a place to sit. Many folks will simply come in and out of the pool to watch their athlete swim and then move back to one of our rest areas but we need to keep in mind trying to ensure ample places to view the meet for everyone.


No Heavy or Breakable Items In the First Two Rows of the Balcony Please We’ve had instances of something being unintentionally dropped over the balcony edge in the past. Please… no items like this in the front two rows of the bleachers for the safety of all those on deck.


No Spectators On Deck – Please remember that only, coaches, meet personal and athletes are to be on deck at any USA Swimming sanctioned event.


Wheelchair Access – Anyone needing wheelchair access should contact their head coach, in advance, so that arrangements can be made with meet management for access to the venue.


Restrooms – A set of restrooms is located at the base of the steps leading down from the Barton Room foyer on the south side (shallow end) of the pool. Additional facilities are on the north (starting block) end of the pool by walking out into the hallway at the base of the stairwell coming down from the bleachers, turning left and walking in between the basketball gyms. Once past those gyms simply turn right and they will be 20ft down on your left.   


Meet Operations

Flyover starts – We will use flyover starts for all events except the backstroke events.


No Peanuts at the Pool We’re running a peanut free environment to help ensure the safety of any competitors with peanut allergies so please do not bring peanuts/peanut products into the event. THANKS!


Clothing – Please bring plenty of towels & extra dry clothes to ensure that your athletes stay as warm as possible at all times as, even with the heat the facility has, it can get cold in hallways and such due to folks coming in and out of the meet.


Wrestling Mats In Athlete Area – Please remind your athlete’s that they are to remain off of the wrestling mats at all times.


Bull-Pen Area –There will be no bullpen for any events Friday night so all athletes that night should report directly to the blocks.


Heat Sheet Sales

We will have the heat sheets for sale in the foyer as you enter into the facility from that east side parking lot. The heat sheet cost will be approximately $6 per day of the meet. Please do your best to bring exact change for this if you would!



GCSTO Booster Club Concessions – We will have our concession stand set up in the athlete rest area (Academy’s Barton or Wrestling Room) with plenty of food and drinks to meet your needs on Saturday & Sunday.


(Possibly in Attendance) Mo’s Swimville USA (https://www.swimvilleusa.com/) will have a wide selection of swim suits, equipment, goggles and such available for purchase at the meet.
mo@swimvilleusa.com       837 Bethel Rd. Columbus, OH 43214         P: 614-591-7946


Thanks… and PLEASE don’t forget to bring in a gift to donate to the efforts of the Salvation Army’s Holiday Cheer event!