South Texas B Championship

Jan 19, 2019 - Jan 20, 2019
January, 6 2019
Bronze 1 (CP)--5 Days,Bronze 1 (LW)--6 Days,Bronze 2 (CP)--3 Days MWF,Bronze 2 (LW)--3 Days T/Th/S,Bronze 3 (CP)--3 Days TTF,Bronze (LCCC),Coaches,Gold (CP),Gold (LCCC),Gold (LW),Guppy (CP),Guppy (LCCC),National (CP),National (LCCC),National (LW),PE Waiver (LW),Silver 1 (CP)--6 Days,Silver 2 (CP)--4 Days MWFS,Silver 3 (CP)--4 Days TTFS,Silver (LCCC),Silver (LW) (Cedar Park,Lakeway Swim Center,Lost Creek Country Club)


ST B Championship Meet

San Antonio Natatorium
1430 W. Cesar Chavez Blvd
San Antonio, TX 78207

This meet is open to swimmers ages 18 of younger as of January 19, 2019, with B times in short course yards, short course meters, or long course meters for all events entered. The meet will be held at the San Antonio Natatorium. 

Please click the Hotel Information link posted below for hotel block information. LCA members are encouraged to stay in the meet hotel but this is not a requirement. The room block expires December 18 so please book prior to then!

Meet information is posted below.

To sign up, click the Attend/Decline button (upper-right corner of this page), log in, click the swimmer name, use the Declaration drop-down menu to let us know that you'll be there, and then click the check boxes for the events to enter. Times for events in which your swimmer is qualified to swim at this meet will appear in BLACK. Times for events that your swimmer is not qualified to swim at this meet will appear in RED. Click the SAVE CHANGES button or your entries will be lost. The system will email an entry confirmation to you. If you don’t receive this confirmation, then you are not signed up!

Entry deadline for LCA athletes to enter is Sunday, January 6. Late entries will not be accepted. Swimmers earning new B times after January 6 may still enter the meet by emailing Jessica (jessica@lostcreekaquatics.com) by noon on Sunday, January 13. The second entry deadline is ONLY for new qualifying times earned after January 6 and is not for athletes entering the meet late. Athletes earning BB or faster times in events entered at this meet will be removed from those events only prior to the second entry deadline.

Cost is $11.00 per event, plus the $40 LCA athlete surcharge. All meet charges will be billed to the credit card on file in your LCA account on the meet entry deadline. After the LCA meet entry deadline, all meet charges are nonrefundable, even if you withdraw from the meet or fail to swim. 

Athletes registered with USA Swimming as "Flex" members must upgrade to a full membership for $60 to compete at his meet, per USA Swimming rule. This fee will be added to your LCA account, if applicable.

Teams entering this meet must provide timers for each session, so please expect to work a shift as a timer!

Please click the "Meet Information" link posted below for additional details about the meet, including the event order, start and warmup times, etc.