Name Cap Order

Oct 10, 2018 - Oct 20, 2018 (09:00 PM)
October, 20 2018


EPAP swim caps with individual names on them are on order.  Please sign up to get yours! 

The deadline to order is Oct. 20. 

Please sign up as if you were signing up for a meet.  In the COMMENTS BOX please tell us how many PAIRS of caps you want and what name you want on them.  

Example:  If I want 4 caps with the name CARR on them, I will type in "2 pair - CARR"

Names can be up to 16 characters.  Names must be the same on both sides of the cap and same on a pair of caps.  

What: Name Cap Order

Cost: $36 per pair of caps, can be charged to your account

How to Order:  Just like meet sign up. EVENTS/NAME CAP ORDER

Deadline to Order: Oct. 20