JRSC @ Glen Oaks - League/Conference Meet

Jun 1, 2019
May, 26 2019


JRSC @ Glen Oaks

Pool Location:


Parking and Team Area Information:

Gates open at 6:30am.

Please park in the neighborhood. Our Parking lot is small and is for members only. Please take care to not block any driveways, RV and Boat storage access of the houses you park around. Also remind your families that the parking enforcement likes to be out during swim meets ticketing cars parked in front of the yellow handicapped (Lego) corners. ( 

As you enter the club's grounds, there is a large flat green lawn.  This area is the visiting teams team area.  If you need additional room, feel free to fill in near the baby pool or down the hill as walk all the way through the area.



Glen Oaks will warm up 7-7:30am

Away team warm up: 7:30-8am


Glen Oaks will hold scratches at 7:15am and away teams scratch session will take place at 7:30am

Snack Bar and Meal options:

A sample menu (some prices and items might change) can be found at the following link. Small bills are appreciated and please no $100 bills. Thank you for understanding.