WAVE Fall States

Dec 8, 2018
November, 13 2018


Eligibility: 12 & Under Swimmers with "BB" times or better.

Location: Orange County Sportsplex, Hillsborough, NC

Fee: $75

Event Limits: All swimmers will be limited to a maximum of four (4) individual events and one (1) relay per day, ten (10) individual events for the meet including bonus swims. 


(1) All events will be swum as timed finals, slowest to fastest except the 500 freestyle.

(2) Swimmers in the 500 Freestyle are required to check in at the clerk of course no later than the end of warm-ups Friday evening. Swimmers not checked in by this deadline will be scratched from this event.

(3) All heats of the 500 Freestyle will be swum fastest to slowest; all girls and then all boys in each age event. A combined heat of boys and girls may be swum at the discretion of the Meet Referee. The 500 Freestyle may be limited to the fastest three (3) heats of each age group (9 & U, 10, 11 and 12). Swimmers must provide their own timer and lap counter. Swimmers must have achieved the B time standard in order to enter the 500 Freestyle.

(4) A 10-minute break may be added before relays to assure that swimmers have adequate rest after their last event.

(5) Swimmers must have achieved the B time standard in the 200 backstroke, 200 Breaststroke and the 200 Butterfly in order to enter those events. They may also enter those events if they have achieved the BB standard in 100 of the stroke they wish to enter.