Level 2 Officials Clinic: Stroke and Turn

Nov 23, 2018
November, 20 2018
November 21, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


Stroke and Turn: Level 2 Officials Clinic


GLFD, Aquatics Classroom

This is a stroke and turn clinic and is open to all parents that have attended the level 1 clinic. It is a great opportunity to earn volunteer hours and learn more about the sport.

The goal of this clinic is to:

1. Continue to develop a foundation for your skills as a swimming official;

2. Provide you with an enhanced understanding of the rules of each stroke;

3. Develop an understand for the role and key duties of an Inspector of Turns and Judge of Strokes positions.

To sign up, please check out the job sign up button.  Please sign up for a slot for each person taking the clinic and note the name if it's different than the account name.