2018 ST AAAA Winter Wonderland

Dec 7, 2018 - Dec 9, 2018
November, 18 2018
Advanced Silver BC, Bronze BC, Bronze CP, Bronze SR, Gold BC, Gold l CP, GOLD ll CP, Gold SR, High School Training BC, High School Training CP, Middle & High School Training BC, National Development BC, National Development CP, Sectional Development BC, Sectional Development CP, Senior BC, Senior CP, Silver BC, Silver CP, Silver SR, TAGS 1 BC, TAGS 1 CP, TAGS 2 BC, TAGS 2 CP, TAGS BC, TF 2 BC, TF 2 CP, TF 2/week SR


                                          AAAA Winter Wonderland
                                                 B time standard minimum, Prelim/Final

                                                                   Dec 7-9, 2018         

For swimmers in Silver, Advanced Silver, Middle School-High School, Gold, TAGS 1, TAGS 2, Senior, Sectional Development, & National Development

LOCATION: San Antonio, TX

ENTRY DEADLINE: Sunday, November 18th, 2018  

Friday Prelims: Warmup: TBA  - Meet starts: 8:30 am
Friday Finals: Warmup: 4:00pm - Meet starts: 5:00 pm
Saturday Prelims: Warmup: TBA  - Meet starts: 8:30 am
Saturday Finals: Warmup: 4:00pm Meet starts: 5:00 pm
Sunday Prelims: Warmup: TBA  - Meet starts: 8:30 am
Sunday Finals:  Warmup: 4:00pm - Meet starts: 5:00pm


Bring and Wear:

  • Water Bottles, Healthy Snacks (Fruits, Nuts, Trail-Mix)
  • Nitro Team Suit, Nitro Team Cap, Goggles
  • Clothes to Wear Between Races (Shorts, Shirts, Warm Up Pants / Jackets, etc)
  • Shoes (to keep your feet warm between races)

Entries and Fees:

  • Swimmers' age as of the start of the meet (Dec 7, 2018) will determine their age for the entire meet.
  • Entry Fees:$16.00 per event.Your account on file with www.nitroswim.com will be automatically billed. There will be no refunds for any reason including but not limited to injury and/or illness.

Meet Info
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