Swim Team PO & Invoice System

Nov 13, 2018 - Dec 31, 2018
December, 8 2018


Swim Team PO & Invoice System
Upper Main Line YMCA

It is very important that all parent volunteers abide by the YMCA Purchase Order (PO) Policy before making any purchases. Please be aware that any purchases made without the proper PO will not be reimbursed.

  • All purchases must first be approved by the STPC treasurer in advance of the purchase.
  • The treasurer will supply the YMCA with purchase information before the purchase is made.
    • If a swim team parent is making the purchase and needs to be reimbursed, his or her name and address will be included in this information.
    • Swim team parents will also be invited to fill out a form for direct deposit reimbursements.
  • Once the PO is approved, the YMCA will send a copy to the treasurer.
  • The treasurer or his/her designee will then be able to place the order.
  • The treasurer will provide YMCA with the invoice or receipt.
  •  UMLY will then send the invoice and PO over to the Association Finance Department to be paid.


By accepting the invitation to this event on team unify you are acknowledging this your understanding of this process.