PVS January Distance Meet

Jan 5, 2019 (03:00 AM) - Jan 6, 2019 (03:00 AM)
December, 22 2018


This meet is for those who qualify.  There are 2 events - the 1650 Free and the 1000 Free


Lee District
6601 Telegraph Rd
Alexandria, VA 22313

The pool will use 10 lanes and there will be continuous warm up/cool down lanes


  • Sat - 1650yd Free- warm-ups 7:00-8 :00 am, Events: 8 :10 am
  • Sun - 1000yd Free- warm-ups 7:00-8:00am, Events: 8:10am

Arrival schedule will be sent out once the entries are processed.

Swimmers must provide their own timer and counter

Minimum provable times for 13 & O Swimmers:
  • The minimal provable time for 1000 yd Freestyle is 14:00:00, or must have a provable time of 6:30.00 in the 500 yd Freestyle.
  • The minimal provable time for the 1650 yd Freestyle is 23:00.00 or a provable time of 14:00.00 in the 1000 yd Freestyle
  • See full description of the PVS Distance Qualifying Policy
Minimum provable times for 12 & U Swimmers:
  • Must meet the following stepping stone progression
  • A provable time of 7:20 must be swum in the 500yd Free before entering the 1000yd Free
  • A provable time of 15:00 must be swum in the 1000yd Free before entering the 1650yd Free


Events are $7 each.

Swimmer Arrival Times

Please make sure you arrive at the time stated below. This will allow for ample warm-up time. You need to have a timer and plan on counting for your teammates as they will most likely be counting for you.