Raisin Country Long Course Age Group Meet (Reedley)

Mar 16, 2019 - Mar 17, 2019
March, 7 2019


Raisin Country Aquatics (RCA) is hosting their ABC Long Course Meet at Reedley High School Aquatics Complex in Reedley, CA on Saturday March 16 & Sunday March 17, 2019.    Our club will just be attending on Saturday March 16 only . This meet is open to all swimmers and will be contested in the "long course" format (50 meters) and will last no longer than 4 hours.  ***MEET ENTRY DEADLINE IS 11:59PM THURSDAY March 7. 

HOW TO SIGN UP FOR THIS MEET:    Once logged in to your family accout on the Skimmers home page, click on “Events”.  Under the “Raisin Country ABC Long Course Meet” event, click on “Edit Commitment”.   On the athlete sign up page, click on your athlete’s name.   Use the “Declaration” drop down box to indicate “Yes” if they will attend or “No” if they will not.  Click “Save Changes” in the lower right hand corner.  There is a comment box if you want to send the coaches a message with regard to your athlete's entries.  The coaches will pick the events that your swimmer will be entered in.  Meet entry fees will be billed to your team account.

***If your swimmer(s) is not yet registered for US Swimming and you wish for them to participate in this meet, please let us know.  We can make special arrangements to assist you with meet entries and US Swimming registration.   The registration fee for USA Swimming for 2019 is $79.  If you would like to register your swimmer for USA Swimming, please obtain a form from Coach Ryan.  USA Swimming registration fees will be charged to your team account.