Suffolk County ASCSC Counties Meet

Apr 13, 2019 (08:00 AM) - Apr 14, 2019 (08:00 PM)
March, 31 2019


All swimmers that qualify for this meet will be required to attend this meet.  It is important to stay focused on our goals as swimmers, and as a team.  Once Y States ends, the Bluefish season does not.

This is a qualifying meet.  All swimmers will need to make the cut times in order to swim. Cut times for 2018 are attached below(updated times will be posted when they are released).  It is strongly encouraged, that all swimmers that qualify participate in this meet.  This is a very exciting, and energetic meet!

Location - Eisenhower Park

Warmups - 8:00am Prelims

Warmups - 4:00pm Finals

Please note:   

  • Preliminary & Finals:  In the past all swimmers (including 10 & Under) would swim preliminaries and finals.  Finals are in the evening and if your swimmer qualifies will need to come back. 
  • Relays:  In the event your child does not make finals, he/she may be required to return in the evening to swim in the Relay.  Please check in with your coach prior to leaving to confirm if he/she is in the Relay. 
  • Timers: HYB is required to provide 2 timers for both preliminaries and finals at each location. The officials will not let our team swim unless HYB supplies timers. Please be flexible and volunteer.
  • Spectator Admission fee
    • Morning Prelims 7$ entry 3$ program
    • Evening Finals 5$ entry 3$ program