2019 ST Wave into '19

Jan 6, 2019 (07:00 AM) - Jan 6, 2019 (06:00 PM)
December, 11 2018


San Antonio Wave

Wave into ’19   

January 6, 2019

Registration Deadline

December 10, 2018


San Antonio Wave  
Wave into ‘19
January 6, 2019

The Palo Alto Natatorium is located on Palo Alto College, 1400 W. Villaret Blvd, San Antonio, Texas 78224 (210) 486-3000

Age up Date:
The age of the swimmer will be his/her age on January 6, 2019.

Qualifying Times:
There are no qualifying times.  Although athletes may enter the meet with NT, we would encourage you to estimate a SCY time.  You may convert a LCM time.  A good estimated SCY time will ensure your athlete is seeded in the proper heat -- this provides the best competition for all athletes.

Meet Format:
All events will be timed finals, swum in two short course yard pools (odd and even events), pre- seeded only by time regardless of gender with no lane separation in between genders. The odd events will be on the bulk head side and the even events on the diving well side. All events shall be swum fastest to slowest. The meet may be run using Fly over starts. There will be no time trials. There will be no relays. Positive check-in is required for the 400 IM and 500 Free. There will be a maximum of 4 heats of 500 Free. The fastest 32 swimmers will be entered in these events. If more than 32 swimmers enter, the meet host will notify the coaches of the swimmers who will be removed from the events. There will not be any charges for any swimmer removed. Swimmers will need to supply their own timers and counters for the 500 Free and the 400 IM. The check-in time period will be announced.

Daily Schedule:

January 6, 2019
Session I

Warm ups will begin at 7:00 am for the first session with the meet beginning at 8:00. Warm ups for session 2 will begin immediately following the conclusion of session I.

Session II

Session II will star one hour after warm ups begin. Lane assignment for warm ups will be announced one week prior to the meet.

 • Positive check-in is required for the 400 IM and 500 Free. There will be a maximum of 4 heats of 500 Free.

Swimmers may enter a maximum of 5 individual events.

Entry Fees:
$9.00 per individual event. Entry fees must be received by the deadline, or your entries will be removed from the meet. Once the deadline passes, refunds will not be given for any reason.

Your Entries are to before the last practice on December 10th, 2019. Fees and Entries must be collected by the deadline otherwise won't be entered.

Important Notes: Swimmers will need a solid black or black & red swim suit. Please wear a team cap at the meet during races and warm-up. Swim caps and t-shirts are available for $15.00 each.