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League Championship Meet

Jul 27, 2019
July, 20 2019


League Championships will take place at American Canyon High School, 3000 Newell Dr, American Canyon, CA 94503.

Deadline to register is Saturday, July 20th.  Registration is online (as for a regular dual meet)

This is the most important meet of the year!!!  The coaches would like 100% turnout from all of our swimmers because the more swimmers we have, the more points we can earn.  We were so close to winning League Championships last year; let's do it this year!!!

The coaches will select your swimmer's 3 best  individual events to compete in.  Your swimmer may or may not be asked to swim on the relay teams as well.  All fees for League Meet are covered by the team.  

Similar to our invitational meets, League Meet has a separate volunteer requirement from the regular season.  All parents are required to fulfill a volunteer shift at League Meet separate from the required 6 shifts/30 units of volunteer jobs they have completed during the regular season.  Volunteer jobs will be assigned a day or two before the actual meet.  If you are unable to fulfill your volunteer requirement, please look into hiring a job substitute to complete your job for you.  The list of job substitutes will be available closer to League Meet.