Duel Meet #2 - 2021-22

Feb 13, 2022 (08:45 AM) - Feb 13, 2022 (11:30 AM)
February, 11 2022


We'll be holding the second Duel Meet of the season on Sunday February 13th from 8:45 until 11:30 am.

We are super excited to be able to have our second Duel Meet since early 2020 (it was sounding kinda iffy there for a bit)!   Duel Meets are open to all our swimmers from Mini Rapids to the Masters, and is absolutely approriate for all ages and abilities. We have a wide range of individual events and relays; some that you would find at a regular swim meet and others that might qualify more as "silly". We would strongly encourage everyone that is able to participate to do so, especially since it has been SO LONG since we have all been able to play and have fun together. 

While we call it a "meet" it's a super relaxed team building exercise with a strong emphasis on mutual support and zero emphasis on competition. It's a great introduction to the "racing" aspect of the sport for new, or newish, swimmers. This is also an excellent opportunity for new Swim Parents to become familiar with how swim meets are run, and pick up some officiating skills such as Timing, while watching your child from the best seats in the house (okay, really the only "seats" as only Timers get chairs).

You can sign up using the website OR by doing it the old fashioned way and signing your child up via the signup sheet on the display case in the lobby. We'll add teams, events and rules to the display case and website over the next week.

If you/your child is able to participate please have them signed up by Friday February 11th!