FAST April BLUE Long Course (LCM) Age Group Meet-*CANCELLED*

Apr 17, 2020 - Apr 19, 2020
April, 8 2020
11-12 Year Olds,13-14 Year Olds,15-18 Year Olds,5-6 Year Olds,7-8 Year Olds,9-10 Year Olds,Coaches ([* ALL Locations *])


The April BLUE LCM Age Group Meet, hosted by the Fullerton Aquatics Swim Team (FAST),  will be held at the  Janet Evans Swim Complex, 801 W. Valencia Avenue, Fullerton, Ca, on April 17th, 18th  and 19th! You can get directions to the meet by clicking the link below;

Janet Evans Swim Complex

Swimmers may swim a maximum of THREE (3) events per day. This meet is for all swimmers who have achieved a BLUE Time Standard in the events they wish to swim. You must have achieved a BLUE time to enter an event.  Entry fees for this meet are $4.00 per event with a $10.00 surcharge per swimmer. The DEADLINE to sign up for this meet is MIDNIGHT on TUESDAY, Aprin 7, 2020. This gives your coaches some time to make any necessary changes before the meet lineup is submitted. Please sign up as early as possible, don’t wait for the last minute.

Your coaches are allowing you to sign up for the events you want to swim. Select your events when you register for this event. Your entry fees will be added to your monthly binning statement at the end of the month.

Morning session warmups should start at about 7:30 AM, and at about 10:00 AM for the afternoon session. Additional warm-up information and meet entry sheets will be provided just prior to the meet.

Depending on the number of swimmers we have participating in this meet, we may be asked to provide some volunteer timers! This is a fun job, and you get the best seat in the house to watch the meet! If we need to provide timers, I will ask for volunteers during the week before the meet.

Detailed information for this meet is available in the attached Meet Entry Sheet. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask one of our coaches on the deck.