Travel Meet to Orlando

Dec 5, 2019 - Dec 9, 2019
November, 21 2019


2019 YCF Winter Classic Hosted by YMCA of Central Florida December 6-8, 2019 


Rosen YMCA Aquatic Center, 8422 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819


Any swimmer entered in the meet, unaccompanied by a USA Swimming member coach, must be certified by a USA Swimming member coach as being proficient in performing a racing start or must start each race from within the water. It is the responsibility of the swimmer or swimmer’s legal guardian to ensure compliance with this requirement. The completion course has been certified in accordance with 104.2.2C(4). The copy of such certification is on file with USA Swimming. Changing into or out of swimsuits other than in locker rooms or other designated areas is not appropriate and is prohibited. Operation of a drone, or any other flying apparatus, is prohibited over the venue (pools, athlete/coach areas, spectator areas and open ceiling locker rooms) any time athletes, coaches, officials and/or spectators are present. Exceptions may be granted with prior written approval by the USA-S Vice President of Program Operations.