BUDDIES!! Mentorship Program

Oct 21, 2021 (07:00 AM) - May 1, 2022 (06:00 AM)
November, 1 2021


It has been requested that we bring back our Buddy Program! Now that we are establishing a new normal and getting settled in we would love to get back to this. Thankfully we have a few parents and high schoolers that are willing to step up and help as well.

 We are always looking for ways to grow and get closer as a team. We believe the team is every athlete from Blue all the way up to Nationals. We have hosted full team events or fun buddy nights before. The benfits from this type of relationship within our team are incredbile and we are excited to get something more official started. Our vision as of now is groups of 4-5 kids. One athlete from each group (roughly) really depends on numbers and who signs up.

Please commit yes if you are interested! Then we will make groups and email them out.

Please expect some type of monthly commitment to engage your buddy in some way. 

If you have buddie requests leave in the comment section! 

More details to come! Would love to get this all worked out before the next home meet so people can meet their buddies at the meet or on Thursday night 11/4 we will have a modified practice that night.