Phoenix Summer Invite

Jun 11, 2021 - Jun 14, 2021
June, 2 2021
Coaches, Gold Group, High School development, Junior Championship Team, Pre-Senior Championship Team, Rookie Team, Senior


Update posted 6/10/21:

Hi All,

We have divided the morning warm ups  into two sessions for the 13 & overs, to reduce the number of swimmers per lane. The following are the team assignments:
DTAC's 13 & Over Warm-up 7:50 - 8:35 a.m. for Fri, Sat, and Sun
For all the 12 & under sessions plus the finals sessions, all teams will share the two pools for warm up. 
Team Areas
Teams can set up their area either outside on the grass to the north of the pool, in front of the building close to the parking lot or on deck south of the pool either on the bleachers or behind them. We would like teams to stay together in an area. If you choose to set up inside, remember that swimmers will need to be masked on deck whenever they are not swimming.
I am setting up two team tents outside the pool venue.
We will require everyone to wear masks on deck. Swimmers will wear their masks to the blocks and there will be a basket there to place your mask while you are swimming. When you exit the water, you will retrieve your mask. Thank you in advance for your cooperation on this. 
The meet program will be posted on Thursday on our website. Finals sheets will also be posted on our website after all events have closed and scratches are processed. 
Finals: talk with your coach about your plan to race in finals if you qualify, or are close to qualifying. If you make finals, but miss that race, there is a penalty for missing a finals race. (finals heat sheets will be posted here)
The full preliminary weekend program is posted to DTAC's Event page.
We will provide a livestream link prior to the start of the meet. Watch for that on our website. (link will be posted here)
Volunteer Timers
We may need a few volunteer timers throughout the meet. Volunteers are required to be vaccinated. We will have a clipboard at the entrance each day. Please sign up leaving your name and cell number so that we can contact  you in the event that we timers. Thank you in advance for your help. 
Monday's Distance Events:
Swimmers will be required to have their own timers and personnel to count. All events that day are positive check in by 3:30 p.m., the start of warm ups. 


Update posted 6/8/21:

Attending families, please see the protocols below from the Meet Director of Phoenix Summer Invite:


Attached are the psych sheet and timeline for distribution. We will be following the protocols as listed below and in our meet flyer:

* All individuals (swimmers, coaches, officials/meet admins and volunteers) must wear a mask on deck. 
 * No spectators will be allowed. 
 * All swimmers, coaches, officials/meet admins and volunteers must enter the pool area through one entrance and exit the pool area at one or more exits as designated. 
 * Bathroom access will be limited to use the bathroom and to change in and out of tech suits.
 * Hospitality will be served on a limited basis.
There will be team areas outside the fence on the grass area to the north of the pool and out in front of the building. Those areas will be for swimmers, as well as adult supervisors.  (Coach Bryan will set up the two DTAC tents with buckets and bungees at the start of the meet on Friday)
* We will have a livestream of the event available and that link will be available before the meet begins.