AMS Senior Circuit Information

Jul 12, 2019 - Jul 14, 2019
July, 12 2019


Parking Passes available for Senior Circuit

The University of Pittsburgh will be selling OC Lot parking passes for the Senior Circuit meet on a first come - first served basis. The passes will be good for in and out privileges during the meet from Friday 7/12/19 through Sunday 7/14/19. The price is $17 if purchased Friday and $10 if purchased Saturday. 

To purchase a pass, you will need to ask OC lot attendant when you arrive (they won't offer it automatically) and you must keep it and present it each time you enter the lot.  If the pass is forgotten or misplaced, you will need to purchase a new one or pay the daily rate.

Important Updates to the Senior Circuit Meet Announcement

Several discrepancies were discovered in the Senior Circuit Meet Announcement related to the scratch, check-in and seeding procedures.  The meet announcement has been updated and the revised version is posted on the meet portal.  The correct meet announcement has a revision date of 7/8/2019. 

Below is a summary of the correct scratch, check-in and seeding procedures

All events except the 800 Free, 1500 Free all relays

  • Scratches must be made by 6:00 PM the evening preceding the event(s).
  • Scratch may be made in-person or by e-mailing
  • Any swimmer not scratched by the deadline will be seeded into the event.  
  • Failure to scratch by the deadline and failure to swim the event will result in the swimmer being barred from his/her next individual event or relay unless the Admin Referee is notified of a Declared False Start (DFS) prior to the start.

800 Free & 1500 Free - positive check-in

  • 800 Free - swimmers must check in by 10:00 AM Friday in order to be seeded into the event.  The fastest heat will swim at finals
  • 1500 Free - swimmers must check-in by 10:00 AM Sunday and designate Prelims or Finals in order to be seeded into the event.  The fastest eight swimmers that designated finals will swim at finals.

Relays - positive check-in

  • 800 Free Relay - positive check-in by 10:00 AM Friday to be seeded into the event.  Coaches must designate Prelims or Finals.
  • 400 Medley Relay - positive check-in by 10:00 AM Saturday to be seeded into the event.  Coaches must designate Prelims or Finals.
  • 400 Free Relay - positive check-in by 10:00 AM Sunday to be seeded into the event.  Coaches must designate Prelims or Finals.


Official documents (Meet Announcement, Event files, etc.) are posted on the 
2019 Long Course Meet Portal on this web site.


The Senior Circuit is an AMS Hosted Meet.  We rely on the help of all participating AMS clubs and members to staff the meet.  Below is information regarding specific requirements and how to sign up.



  • Participating AMS clubs are required to fill one volunteer slot per athlete entered in the meet.  For example, if your club has 10 swimmers entered, you must fill 10 volunteer slots.
  • Unattached AMS athletes are each required to fill one volunteer slot.
  • AMS Clubs not participating - your help is welcomed and encouraged.
  • Non-AMS Clubs participating in the meet - your help is welcomed but not required.
  • Officials: Click HERE for the Officials Sign-Up form. Sessions worked count toward your clubs volunteer requirement.

Volunteers - pleases comlete the On-Line Volunteer Registration Form.  The sooner you sign-up, the better chance you will be able to volunteer for the day, time and position you would like.  If everyone with a swimmer in the meet works one session - we should have enough volunteers.  The finals sessions are more difficult to staff than the prelims sessions.  If you are confident your swimmer will make finals - please sign up for the PM sessions.

Please direct questions to Laura Hartman at 412-200-2571 or


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