AMS Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Dec 13, 2020 - Dec 22, 2020
December, 13 2020



The AMS Athlete Reps are excited to announce the AMS HOLIDAY SCAVENGER HUNT!!!
All AMS Athletes are invited to participate!



  • The Scavenger Hunt is a 10 day contest occurring on the AMS Instagram.
  • Athletes, or their parents, need to follow @amswimming on Instagram to get the daily information and for sending in the pictures.
  • The contest will run from SUNDAY, December 13th through TUESDAY, December 22nd.
  • Each day an item will be posted on the AMS Instagram.
  • To score points, athletes must find the item and Direct Message (DM) a picture of themself with that item
  • The first 10 athletes to submit a photo will be awarded a point value 1-10 based on place. (i.e., the first qualifying photo submitted receives 10 points, the second receives 9 points, etc.)
  • There will also be daily bonus point opportunities for everyone who submits a photo.
  • A running leaderboard posted to the AMS Instagram nightly and will be used to determine a 10 day winner. 
  • The top 3 point getters will win prizes as follows
    • 1st-$25 gift card of choice and an AMS winter hat
    • 2nd-$15 gift card of choice and an AMS winter hat
    • 3rd-$10 gift card of choice and an AMS winter hat

Best of luck to everyone who is participating!  Make sure to follow @amswimming on Instagram to participate, and feel free to reach out to Topher Bishop at [email protected] with any questions!

Happy Holidays!

Topher Bishop
Meredith Reese
Isabella Donato
Ria Dietz