Mike Horgan Memorial Open Swim Meet

Oct 8, 2021 - Oct 11, 2021
September, 18 2021
Blue Junior Group, Blue Senior Group, Coaches, Elite Group, Green 1 Group, Green 2 Group, National Development Group, Orange 1 Group, Orange 2 Group, Orange AM Group, Purple AM Group, Red Group


Important Changes to Note:

Sunday AM 13 & O Session 4 - No Changes
Sunday 12 & U Sessions 3 Ev. 27 Ht 3 & 5: 
W-UP: 11:00 a.m.    START: 12:30 p.m. (1/2 Hr.earlier)
(Event 27 will begin with Heat 3)

We anticipate a 4:30pm finish. Hopefully we have cooperative weather tomorrow.

Both Sat. & Sunday Afternoon Sessions for 12&Under swimmers will have an 11:30am Warmup (Split) and 1pm Start. These changes are reflected in Timeline Report

The Host team is looking for VOLUNTEERS - CLICK HERE

Spectators will not be permitted BEHIND the starting blocks or IN FRONT OF scoreboard.. All other areas are open.

Psych sheet

Timeline for the meet- If your 1st event is 1 hour after the start of your session (AM or PM) you can come 1 hour before it for Warm Up.

Please Note that our team is assigned to be in the 1st Wave for Warm Ups!

Friday PM Warm Up Lanes

Sat/Sun 13 & Over A.M. Warm Up Lanes

Sat/Sun 12 & Under P.M. Warm Up Lanes

Meet Program 13&0 Saturday AM          Meet Program 13&O Sunday AM

Meet Program 12&U Saturday PM          Meet Program 12&U Sunday PM

Jupiter Dragons Swim Team entries

ENTRY DEADLINE: All Jupiter Dragons swimmers need to do their entries by Saturday September 18, 2021 because **THIS MEET WILL HAVE A 250 SWIMMER LIMIT OVERALL.  I will send the entries on Monday September 20, 2021.

"B+" Time Standard recommended for entering this meet!

BEST TIMES REPORTS with Times standard achieved as of 09-12-21

Click on the links - BEST TIMES Short Course Yards BEST TIMES Long Course Meters

The meet is not for Purple Group swimmers!  



To enter the meet you need to have NO BALANCE with the County / BOCC for MONTHLY Swim Team MEMBERSHIP FEE and NO BALANCE with JDPO for MEET FEES!

Please talk to your coach regarding events you should swim!

In order to enter the meet you will need to set up Meet Fees-Payment online via Credit Card. 

Click HERE for Instructions on how to set up Meet Fees-Payment online via Credit Card.  Please note the Monthly Membership Fee has to be paid at the pool to BOCC!

Click  HERE for Instructions on How To Enter A Swim Meet!

Click  HERE for instructions if that will be your First Swim Meet!

If you have any questions please talk to your coach.

Location:                    3645 Gun Club Rd. West Palm Beach, FL 33405

Date and Time:           Friday-Sunday Oct.8-10, 2021

Session 1: Warm Up 4:00 pm Start 5:00 pm

 Session 2: 13 & Over - Warm up 7:30 am Start 8:30 am (Split Warmup)

 Session 3: 12 & Under - Warm up 12:30 pm Start 1:30 pm (Split Warmup)

 Session 4: 13 & Over - Warm up 7:30 am Start 8:30 am (Split Warmup)

 Session 5: 12 & Under - Warm up 12:30 pm Start 1:30 pm (Split Warmup)

*Meet director reserves the right to change meet warm-up, start times, or drop some events in order to hold an efficient meet within USA Swimming/FGC guidelines and with Age Group Chair approval.

Pool/Timing:                 25 yards x 50 meters heated outdoor pool, 10 short-course racing lanes with group warm-up and 20 swim-down lanes available after each event.

Entries:                         TUSS ‘B’ Standard Minimum Entry Std for Ind. Events

Entry Limit:                   4 Individual Event Max per session Host WILL NOT be accepting New or Renewing USA Swimming registrations at the meet. All USA Registrations must be done prior to the start of the competition.

Meet Cap:                     The meet will be capped at 250 Athletes per session

Entry Deadline for Jupiter Dragons swimmers is Saturday September 09-18-21.

Deck Entries:                 Late entries and deck entries WILL NOT be accepted. The FGC deck entry policy WILL NOT be in effect.

Entry Fees:                    $6 per ind.event & per $10 relay event $15 Per Swimmer Surcharge

Seeding:                       10 Lanes Slowest to Fastest, Super Seeded w/ Fastest 8 seeds in any combined recognized age groups swimming together. Many events will be combined for the sake of efficiency these events are listed at bottom of Events Listing. The 400IM, 500Fr, 1650Fr will all be MIXED seeded Fastest to Slowest.

Awards:                      Medals 1-3. Ribbons 4-10 in recognized Age Group & Gender Categories

1-2 Ind. High Point Awards in the following categories Girl/Boy 10&U, 11,12, 13,14,15-16,17 & Over.

Scoring:                        Ind.Scoring: 1st-11,2nd-9,3rd-8,4th-7,5 th-6th-5,7th-4,8th-3,9 th-2,10 th-1

Admission:                    $5.00 per session. Heat sheets: Available FREE online and thru the Meet Mobile app for phones and tablets. A ltd. Number of heat sheets will be available for sale $1

Closed Deck:                  All areas behind the starting area will be CLOSED to Spectators. All areas in front of Scoreboard CLOSED

Warm Up Procedures: Assigned Lanes and 2 Warm Up Sessions of 40 + 15 min. Starts in Sessions 2-5